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1.5 million euro center back Kim Min-jae number 3′ Lee Han-beom

Is this a sign of another ‘monster’ central defender? Lee Han-beom left FC Seoul and challenged Denmark’s Meattwillan.

On the 28th (Korean time)

Meatwillan announced the recruitment of Lee Han-beom through an official channel. 

They said

Lee Han-beom wears a Mittwillan uniform.

He joined Mittwillan from FC Seoul and signed a 4-year contract.

The 21-year-old central defender debuted in the K-League in 2019 and played 54 games for FC Seoul.

We have recruited a good Korean defender.”

According to ‘TransferMarkt’

a football media outlet

Mittwillan paid 1.5 million euros (approximately 2.1 billion won) for the recruitment of Lee Han-beom. 

This is the amount corresponding to the third-largest central defense transfer fee in Mittwillan history. 

Mittwilland also showed expectations by assigning number 3 to Lee Han-beom, including the main defender.

Lee Han-bum also said

I am very happy to move to Meatwyllan.

The most important thing is to show influence on the pitch.

I watched Meattyllan’s matches quite a bit and his style was aggressive.

It was really attractive to me.

My dream is to join the Korean national team.

I also want to win the .

It is my clear goal in Mittjylland.

Mittwillan’s expectations were also high. 

General manager Mittwillan Sven Graversen said

Lee Han-beom has shown tremendous growth in the K-League.

He is a playing defender.

Lee Han-beom has to integrate into the squad now.

We want to help him adapt quickly.”

Lee Han-beom stepped on the professional stage in 2021. 

He played 10 K-League games and got acquainted with his atmosphere.

 He gradually increased his playing time, playing in 23 games in 2022 and 18 this year. 

According to the Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA) data

During the month of June

he played 298 minutes in 4 K-League 1 matches.

The average packing per game was 1.22. There were 248 passes attempted in midfield.

It is a defender

but it is a style that supports the team in higher areas.

Cho Gyu-seong

the “K-League senior

first built a nest in Meatwillan. 

Cho Kyu-seong joined FC Anyang in 2019 and wore the Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform in 2020. 

He competed for the starting position in the K-League championship competition team and jumped to Kim Cheon Sangmu

caught the eye of coach Paulo Bento and was promoted to the final list for the Qatar World Cup.

Although there was Hwang Eui-jo

a built-in striker

he showed 100% of his strength in the World Cup finals.

 Showing excellent teamwork with Lee Kang-in

he surprised the world by scoring in the group stage.

 After returning from the World Cup

he was connected to big teams such as Mainz and Celtic

but decided to stay in Jeonbuk.

It was judged that his physical condition did not improve. 

In fact, he suffered ups and downs due to injuries at the beginning of the 2023 season.

 Ahead of the national team convocation in June

his condition gradually improved. 

In the summer transfer market

which was held after the World Cup

teams with more name value did not come out more often than in winter.

Watford, Leicester City, etc.

were connected

but stopped at the level of interest.

In the meantime, Mittwillan strongly wanted Cho Kyu-sung.

I immediately decided with a sense of power in a situation where I had to start the season earlier than the top 5 European leagues and qualify for the UEFA Europa Conference League. 카지노사이트

A soccer player is worth playing.

Cho Kyu-seong decided to challenge in Meatwylland

which he really wanted compared to the English team. In an interview after joining Meattwillan

he said

I had a chance to join another European club

but I think this one is the most perfect.

I appealed most strongly that Meattwillan needed me.

So I chose here.

I think it was the right decision.


You can also get a glimpse of what Mittwillan said. 

General manager Svend Gravensen said

We tracked Cho Kyu-sung for over a year.

After the World Cup in Qatar

many teams in Europe were attracted to him.

He wants to prove himself.”

Because all the sympathies were positive

Cho Kyu-seong easily competed for the starting position.

He adapted quickly by increasing his offensive points in the league and played an active part in the Europa Conference League qualifiers. 

Although he is on break due to a hamstring injury in the 5th round of the Brønvision match

when he joined Mittwillan

he said

I interacted with many foreign players in the K-League.

I study English every day to communicate with my colleagues.

I am sociable and outgoing.

I want to get closer.

I’m ready to face the changes that will come to me.

The World Cup is over.

Now I have to do my best in the training ground and stadium.

This is my biggest motivation.

I want to show that Korean players can prove themselves in Europe.

He said he had big ambitions.

Like Cho Kyu-seong, Lee Han-beom is likely to quickly join the starting lineup.

 When asked about his friendship with Cho Kyu-sung

he said

I’m not personally close.

I’ve played against Kyu-sung Cho a few times in the K-League.

I know Kyu-sung Cho’s career in the K-League.

It’s great to play together on the same team.

I want to be close friends.”


 In the video of Lee Han-beom’s joining

Cho Kyu-seong applauded and welcomed Lee Han-beom’s joining.


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