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Samsung Hwajaejae, a company known as the engine of change and innovation, will enter its twenty-eighth race next week .The 2023 Samsung Fireworks World Go Masters will kick off its two-week run with an opening ceremony and bracket draw at the Samsung Fireworks Global Campus in Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do, on Friday. The Samsung Go Masters is the first tournament in the world to implement a full prize system, introduce an open system that gives amateurs a chance to participate, and introduce senior and women’s teams, among other initiatives.

Unlike other world tournaments, fans are especially interested in the tournament, which features non-stop competition from the round of 32 to the final to determine the winner .The round of 32, which is the first face-to-face competition in four years after the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, features 17 players from the host nation of Korea, as well as nine players from China, four from Japan, one from Taiwan, and one from the European Union. In the domestic qualifiers, where the competition was 22-to-1, Kang Dong-yoon, Hong Sung-ji, Kim Jeong-hyun, Han Woong-kyu, and Lee Dong-gi, 9, and Kim Nuri, 7, punched their tickets in the general group, while Lee Chang-ho, 9, and Kim Eun-ji, 7, punched their tickets in the senior group and the women’s group.

They were joined by the quarterfinalists Shin Shin-seo, Choi Jeong, Byun Sang-il, and Kim Myung-hoon, along with national seeds Park Jung-hwan, Shin Min-joon, and Ahn Sung-joon, and Kang Woo-hyuk, a seventh-ranked player. Defending champion Shin Shin-seo 9 will be looking to win the title for the second year in a row, while South Korea will try to win its third consecutive title. China’s Guo Zhihao-Ding Hao 9 are nationally seeded, while Lian Xiao-Huang Yunxiong-Xu Ziyang-Wang Xinghao-Sheng Hao-Tan Xiao 9 and Zhou Hongyu 7 have made it through their home selection.

The Kerze 9th, a four-time champion at the Samsung Flower Growers, was eliminated from the Chinese selection .Japan will be represented by Yuta Iyama and Xu Zhaian 9th dan (top national seed) and Norimoto Yoda 9th dan and Katsuya Motoki 8th dan (top domestic seed).Chinese Taipei will be represented by Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) gold medalist Hsiu Hao-hung 9-dan, while Ukraine’s Andriy Kravets received a wild card to represent the European Union .The oldest player in the tournament is defending champion Yoda (born February 1966), who is 41 years older than the youngest player, Kim Eun-ji 7-dan (born May 2007).South Korea has the most wins with 14, followed by China with 11 and Japan with two. The prize money is 300 million won for the winner and 100 million won for the runner-up. The time limit is two hours and five 온라인카지노 one-minute second reads.

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