Saturday, 2nd December 2023

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All the feet of Play&Go’s Rough Hessit are on deck

All have feet on deck. Join this new colt-themed adventure Rough Heist to steal wealthy Pat Kat’s diamonds with Archie, T-Bones and Badges and return them to fellow dogs.

Land at least three runes, diamonds, or dog symbols to secure standard wins. When the player collects dog symbols in reel 5, all diamond cash symbols are immediately collected. Each diamond cash symbol is assigned a multiplier value, which is added to all currently rotating victories.

There are many tricks and tools that rough crews can use during robberies. T-Bones can upgrade any player’s merchandise, badges can increase collectivity, and arches can collect up to five times more.

The bonus spin trail will be carried out according to each landing dog collect symbol, each of which will receive 10 bonus spins.

If everything goes according to plan, Rough Crew will be able to go into a cash deposit box. Random cash value is added to the cash vault for each spin. When the bonus spin trail is complete and there is no more bonus spin, the total value of the cash vault will be paid. However, if the trail is complete before the bonus spin is complete, cash safes will continue to be added to each spin until all bonus spins are used up.

The foot-biting robbery is for all dogs. 슬롯머신

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