Wednesday, 6th December 2023

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Casinos in Atlantic City are eager to keep iGaming Skin running for at least another decade.

However, the law may not allow such large-scale license extensions. Online casinos in New Jersey, the most profitable two-way gambling business in the United States, want their licenses extended by another 10 years, but the best the state can do now is offer them two years.

This makes license holders uneasy, as the difficulty of continuing to find their licenses is not what businesses operating in the region’s most competitive markets need. The lack of tools is not due to lack of attempts. A parliamentary committee voted on the bill on Tuesday, but introduced a change to change the permit period to two years, especially to help stakeholders stay alert and focus more on running their businesses according to rules. 파친코

However, that is not all bad news. The reaffirmation of the online gambling bill is a significant step forward for the state, according to Marc Giantonio, president of the Resort Casino Hotel and New Jersey Casino Association, cited by the AP. Of course, no one really expected online casinos to just disappear because they are an essential source of tax revenue, job opportunities, and a buoy that saved casinos floundering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, casinos were not opposed to reducing the period of application of online licenses because the country would not embark on sudden changes that could cause industry disruption.

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