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Industrial Bank of Korea’s Key Middle Blocker

After the 2020-2021 season, Choi Ga-eun Doro Gongsas moved to Pepper Savings Bank, a new team, Choi Jung-min played as a middle blocker in the 2021 Cup tournament and showed not bad performances. Choi Jung-min, who played as a backup for Rebecca Rasem ASP Tetis after the opening of the V League, took an unexpected opportunity as a foreign player at the Industrial Bank of Korea was replaced by Santana. New coach Kim Ho-chul moved Kim Hee-jin to Apogit Spiker and appointed Choi Jung-min as a middle blocker to strengthen his offense.

Choi Jung-min, who scored 116 points in 28 games in the 2021-2022 season and became the main middle blocker of Industrial Bank of Korea, strengthened his position by scoring 227 points in all 36 regular league games last season. In the middle of the season, he participated in the All-Star Game for the first time in his life as a professional committee recommendation and performed a joint ceremony with his younger brother, Choi Hyo-seo Libero, who is active in Jeonggwanjang, receiving cheers from volleyball fans. 온라인카지노

At the end of last season, middle blocker Kim Soo-ji left the team and hired outside heater Hwang Min-kyung. For foreign players and Asian quarters, apogit spiker Brittney Abercrombie and setter Ponfun Gedfard were named, respectively. While the attack power of both wings became stronger and the setter’s experience was added, the power of the center was greatly weakened due to Kim Hee-jin’s surgery and Kim Soo-ji’s transfer. In other words, Choi Jung-min’s role in the middle blocker line of Industrial Bank of Korea has grown even greater.

Choi Jung-min is playing as the main middle blocker of the Industrial Bank of Korea this season, while Kim Hee-jin, the star of the Industrial Bank of Korea, has yet to recover his full condition after undergoing knee surgery in February. The 36.7% attack success rate is difficult to be satisfied as a middle blocker, but 0.87 blocks per set is the number one in the league. In addition, Choi Jung-min also has 74 effective blocking blocking leading to our team’s attack the most in the league.

As of the 20th, Industrial Bank of Korea is in fifth place with four wins and six losses and 11 points in 10 games. The performance is somewhat disappointing compared to the evaluation that Abercrombie, Ponfun, and Hwang Min-kyung succeeded in reinforcing their power. However, the Industrial Bank of Korea still has an important card called “Kim Hee-jin’s Return.” If middle blocker Kim Hee-jin, who was competing for the top of the league in the 2010s, recovers his condition and combines with Choi Jung-min, who grew up in a storm this season, the IBK’s power can be upgraded again.

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