Thursday, 7th December 2023

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“Injured fighting spirit” Ahn Se-young broke China again! AG fasting for the first time in 29 years → 2 wins…5 years ago, the revenge of tears

Ahn Se-young succeeded in gaining the upper hand from the first set. He was a bit behind in the beginning, but he didn’t panic and caught up and entered the interval 10-11. After that, Ahn Se-young tied the score 11-11 with an attack that pinpointed the deep end of the line, and broke down a thousand pay one after another to run away 13-11.

There was also a dizzying scene. Ahn Se-young held his right knee and complained of pain during defense in the 18-17 situation. The medical staff quickly ran and iced, but Ahn Se-young frowned, bending and stretching her knees. Nevertheless, he rose up again a short time later to play, winning back-to-back points to win the first set 21-18. 슬롯머신

Ahn started the second set with taping and bandages wrapped around his knees. However, it was not the same performance as before, perhaps because of the aftermath of the injury. Ahn Se-young was dragged 2-7 on defense, and faced a 5-11 intermission.

Ahn Se-young has pursued without giving up since then, but he had a hard time in the defensive movement of bending his knees wide. Cheon Wi-pay also steadily sent the ball to the front of the net to dig into his weaknesses. In the end, Ahn lost the second set 17-21.

Three sets of fate. Ahn Se-young gained strength again. He scored five consecutive points, tormenting Chen Wei with his relentless defense and exquisite attack. Ahn Se-young was given the final interval with an 11-5 lead.

Throughout the game, he started to follow the net luck, which was not on Ahn Se-young’s side. Perplexed, Chen Wei-fei made a series of mistakes and allowed consecutive runs. Ahn Se-young widened the gap by 15 to 6.

Ahn Se-young continued to build up points one by one and ran away with a 19-8 run. a situation in which the game is effectively on the cards. Pei’s expression hardened as he even had cramps in his legs. In the end, Ahn Se-young won the gold medal by winning the remaining two points. After a fierce match, he roared with tears of joy and enjoyed the victory by kissing the Korean national flag, unlike five years ago.

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