Saturday, 2nd December 2023

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Seongnam FC youth players Park Tae-joon and Lee Jun-sang help revitalize physical education activities at elementary schools in Seongnam City

On the morning of the 26th. Seongnam FC 안전카지노사이트 held a tour program of Together Magpie football class together with Bopyeong Elementary School last year.

‘Jogther Magpie’ is a program in which Seongnam FC players promote healthy sports activities of local children and attend elementary schools in Seongnam to interact with students.

The “Jogther Magpie” project with Bopyeong Elementary School is the last school visit before summer vacation, and the club is working with more schools after school to promote healthy sports activities for children in the community and help students to enjoy long-term fans of Seongnam FC. I’ll give you memories.

On that day, Park Tae-joon and Lee Jun-sang from Seongnam FC played soccer and mini games with about 100 students of Bopyeong Elementary School. Even in the middle of the rain, the children showed a passionate look, saying, “Let’s not go to the classroom.”

In contrast, Seongnam FC plans to continue promoting projects that can arouse interest in soccer while guaranteeing the right to health of students in Seongnam in a situation where students’ physical activities due to climate change, Air pollution and epidemics of infectious diseases are greatly reduced.

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