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SSG owner Jung Yong-jin visits KBO to protest call

Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin, who owns the SSG Landers, visited the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) Baseball Hall in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on April 22 to protest a call.

It is unusual for an owner to visit the KBO secretariat over an officiating issue that occurred during a game.

A KBO official said, “Vice Chairman Chung and President Heo Koo-yeon talked about various topics, including umpiring. In normal times, Chung and Heo often meet and exchange opinions,” 카지노사이트 the official said.

SSG, which was in contention for the top spot in the regular season until midway through the season, lost 1-2 against the LG Twins in Incheon on Nov. 21 due to an umpire’s bad call.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, first base umpire Woo Hyo-dong called a ball dead in play after being hit by Park Sung-ho’s straight hit, and first baseman Han Yoo-seom was ruled out after a video review after stopping at first base after seeing only the umpire’s call.

The KBO suspended umpire Woo Hyo-dong for the remainder of the game.

After the game the previous day, Chung said on social media, “The victory was taken away. I hope there are no more calls like this. There is a lot of talk around about the background.”

According to SSG, Chung asked Heo to “have a sense of mission not only for our club but also for the players who put their lives on the line for a single ball,” saying, “The reason why the players play with all their might and the fans cheer at the top of their lungs is because of the premise that the game is being played fairly.” 슬롯게이밍

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