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The future giants of internet gambling may be familiar brick and mortar names

When The Sands announced in December that it would open internet casinos targeting the UK market, European gaming companies cried hard.

How could an American company open online casinos and target Europeans when the U.S. Department of Justice is prosecuting executives of a regulated European internet game company that allowed U.S. players? 파워볼실시간

No one can blame Party Gaming, SportingBet, and for feeling like they are finally making a profit. However, Sands poses an even bigger threat to traditional internet gambling companies – offline gaming companies looking to make inroads into the online space.

“This is another opportunity for our company to create a greater awareness of our global brand and further establish our presence and interest in the British market,” said Bill Widner, chief operating officer of Las Vegas Sands, in a statement. “As the internet gaming environment continues to evolve, this effort will put us in a strong position to evaluate and respond to other potential opportunities.”

Sands is not alone. Dusk to Dawn, a card room scheduled to open in April in Nottingham, the U.K., already operates an Internet poker room, and its bike casino in Bell Gardens, California, has been running a money-making Internet poker room for three years.

Increasing consumer confidence in brand awareness, cross-promotion opportunities, and the safety of Internet casinos run by offline companies can make it difficult for Internet-only casinos to catch up.

Cross Promotions
When Rob Yong originally dreamed of a poker room from dusk to dawn, he had no intention of starting an online companion. But surely once Yong starts something, he will make it big.

The 46-table card room in Nottingham will be the largest in Europe once it opens. And with less time to build, based on the success of the online business it opened in December, it’s bound to succeed. had over 1,000 players in less than a month.

“Everyone in Europe is talking about it,” said Simon “Ace” Trumper, who will serve as live poker director when the club opens this spring. “We’re going to make a big splash in the European poker market.”

Some of the rumors about Dusk Till Dawn are that will help bring customers into real card rooms. Online players earn “DTD points,” which can be used to pay membership fees at live clubs or to buy food and drinks.

Players can also choose to send their bonuses back to buy-ins in large live tournaments as part of the DTD$$ club. Players who use this option and earn money in live tournaments will earn additional bonuses at Dusk Till Dawn and give bigger bonuses to players who make it to the finals or win tournaments.

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