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Uniform burning ceremony… LAA fans angry at ‘Train to Otani Dodgers’

Ohtani also said on his social media, “I chose the Dodgers as my next team,” adding, “It took me too long to make a decision. I’m sorry.”

“I would like to thank the Angels club and fans who have supported me over the past six years, and each team official who participated in this negotiation process,” he said, adding, “I will do my best to show the best at the Dodgers.”

Ohtani’s contract was the largest ever in the world. said, “Ohtani’s contract exceeds the 674 million dollar contract that Lionel Messi signed with FC Barcelona in the Spanish Primera Liga from 2017 to 2021.”

On the day Ohtani made a new history, Angels fans could not hide their bitterness. Angels fans expressed frustration over moving to their regional rival Dodgers, saying on X (formerly Twitter) that the Angels were the biggest losers and why Dodgers. 경마

In addition, some angry fans expressed their anger by swearing at Ohtani. One fan released a video clip of him burning a uniform with Ohtani’s name on it.

The Angels have also moved. They removed a mural of Ohtani hanging at Angel Stadium, the home of the Angels. MLBcom reporter Sam Bloom said on his social media on Sunday that the mural has officially disappeared.

Ohtani surprised the world by making the largest contract ever. He said goodbye by thanking his Angels fans, but Angels fans seem to be depressed.


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