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Youth Presents: Jocada Wins World Series of Poker Main Event

Joe Cada won early Tuesday morning in advance of Darvin Moon to win the World Series of Poker main event title. Cada won $8,547,042 in first place and became the youngest main event champion at 21 years old. Peter Eastgate, the 2008 main event champion, was the previous youngest champion at the age of 22. Moon came in second with $5,182,92.

Cada will defend 50 percent of the championship. The rest will go to Cliff “Johnny Bax” Josephy and Eric “Sheets” Haber, who took Cada to the tournament

Moon and Cada survived the last 17-hour table marathon Saturday night to take the lead. The main event field was started by 6,494 athletes.

As play began in Rio on Monday night, internet head-up specialist Kada had a crucial chip advantage, outscoring Davin Moon by 135,950,00-58,850,000.

But it wasn’t Kada who kept the pressure on him all night, it was the logger from Maryland.

Moon charged out of the door. First of the night, Moon picked up a large pot when his pocket queens beat Kada’s Pocket Nine with a board that read 3s Ks 2d Ad Kc. With Kada’s chip advantage nearly halved, it quickly became clear whose game this was. 경마사이트

Moon kept putting the pressure on himself, showing that he is not afraid to push through big piles of chips. And after 11 p.m., he took the chip lead.

By starting a 35 million-chip bet, he finally found his position standing in a large pot, and Cada regained his chip lead. However, his lead was short-lived, and Moon put the kind of constant pressure that Cada usually puts on other opponents.

Moon’s attack hit Cada’s chip stack, which fell to about 79 million shortly after the first day off.

President Moon did not take his foot off the gas when he opened the 43-million-chip lead. After seeing an ace-class failure, Kada placed 13 million bets. Moon hopped up a few chips, and Kada immediately licked his hand to give Moon 145-million-chip and 96-million-chip leads.

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