Sunday, 26th May 2024

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331,000 → 1.3 million → $1.4 million… Re-signing for second place with multiple wins has been completed, and KT is the first place with foreigners

KT Wiz announced on Wednesday that it has renewed its contract with foreign pitcher Wes Benjamin (aged 30) for a total of 1.4 million U.S. dollars. Benjamin, who is in his third season with KT, played a key role in the starting lineup, including 15 wins and six losses with an ERA of 3.54 in 29 regular-season games, and displayed ace-level performance in the postseason as well. “Benjamin is a proven left-hander in the KBO League, and I hope he will focus on the starting lineup in the next season as well,” KT general manager Na Do-hyeon said. 온라인경마

Benjamin, who was hired as a substitute for William Cuevas during the 2022 season, recorded 5 wins and 4 losses with a 2.70 ERA in 17 games that year and also succeeded in renewing his contract. The terms at the time of the renewal a year ago totaled $1.3 million, nearly four times the amount compared to $331,000 at the time of recruitment in the 2022 season.

Benjamin had ups and downs early in the 2023 season, but as a result, he faithfully played the role of starting pitcher. He ranked second in the league with 15 wins and 6 losses and an ERA of 3.54 in 29 regular-season games. Coincidentally, Cuevas and Benjamin ate together as Cuevas, who left the team at the beginning of the 2022 season, became a substitute player for KT again during the 2023 season.

The synergy between the two men was amazing. KT had a miracle of finishing the regular season from last place to second place early in the season by banking on the destructive power of Benjamin and Cuevas. The two also made brilliant contributions to KT’s advance to the second place in the Korean Series through the playoffs. Re-signing was a given.

With this, KT is the fastest among the 10 teams to complete the concept of foreign players for the 2024 season. This is because it announced the renewal of its contract with Cuevas and the re-employment of batter Mel Rojas Jr. on the 7th. After much thought, KT gave up renewing his contract with batter Anthony Alford and removed him from the pending roster. And it brought back Rojas, who won the 2020 league MVP award. He renewed his contract with Cuevas for a total of $1.5 million, and signed with Rojas for a total of $900,000. On top of that, he also reached an agreement with Benjamin for $1.4 million, completing the three-member composition.

Meanwhile, Benjamin, Cuevas and Rojas will join the team in time for KT’s first spring camp, which will begin in Busan captaincy in February next year.

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