Wednesday, 6th December 2023

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4 consecutive shots → 3 consecutive shots → 2 consecutive shots → 2 consecutive shots…Shinhwa of Lotte’s FA-class release, was the proportion of the mound too big

Veteran right-hander Kim Sang-soo (35), who established himself as a member of the must-win group as soon as he wore Lotte’s uniform this year, took the mound as a relief pitcher in the bottom of the seventh inning with Lotte leading 3-2 against NC in Changwon NC Park on the 8th.

But something was wrong. Kim Sang-soo’s pitching was very different from usual. He sent out leadoff hitter Son Ah-seop with a straight walk and allowed Seo Ho-chul to get on base with a ball that hit his first pitch. He then gave up a straight walk to Park Kun-woo and pitched as many as nine consecutive pitches. 온라인카지노

Soon there was a more shocking scene. Kim Sang-soo suddenly collapsed on the mound. Kim Sang-soo complained of pain by holding his right adductor muscle. Kim Sang-soo, who rarely got up, was eventually replaced by Shin Jung-rak. Shin Jung-rak, who took the mound in a hurry, caught Jason Martin as a double play to first baseman, but allowed a 3-4 turnaround after Kwon Hee-dong hit a two-run timely hit to the left. In the end, Lotte lost 3-4.

Kim Sang-soo was examined at Good Samsun Hospital in Busan on the 9th and found that a gap is inevitable for the time being. A Lotte official said, “As a result of the examination at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a rupture of about 1.5 degrees in the right internal muscle. “We expect the rehabilitation period to take the next two weeks,” he said.

Kim Sang-soo, who was released from SSG at the end of last season, got a chance to make a new start for Lotte this season. And on the mound, the ‘old hold king’ showed that he did not die. Kim Sang-soo, who took the mound in 63 games this year, had four wins, two losses, one save, 17 holds, and a 3.38 ERA, making it hard to believe he was a discharged student. In particular, he showed a tremendous performance of 1 win, 1 loss, 9 holds, and a 1.96 ERA in the second half alone. Recently, he held a slush fund march for 15 consecutive games.

Lotte, which has yet to give up its fight for the semifinals, has not let go of its hope with the power of Pilseungjo, including Kim Sang-soo. Lee Jong-woon, acting Lotte manager, said, “I really appreciate Kim Sang-soo. He always prepares well and is an example for his juniors, he said, and Kim Sang-soo also said, “I’m still 36 years old.” My 42-year-old brothers were also playing baseball, and I didn’t want to hear that their speed dropped because they were old. So I wanted to show it, and I clenched my teeth and held out,” he said, adding that he sweated to prove his existence.

However, his weight on the Lotte mound was too big. Kim Sang-soo pitched all three consecutive games against SSG in Sajik from the 15th to the 17th of last month, and showed his fighting spirit as much as “four consecutive pitches” as he took the mound against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 18th. On top of that, all three consecutive games of Sajik KT were also played from the 25th to the 27th. It was “three in a row.” His streak of fighting did not stop in September. Following the Sajik Doosan match on the 4th, Kim Sang-soo, who took the mound against Ulsan Samsung on the 5th, took a day off and came out against Ulsan Samsung on the 7th and Changwon NC on the 8th. He pitched in a total of four games in five consecutive days.

Lotte is a team with a wide gap between pitchers, not necessarily winning groups. Therefore, when the seesaw game unfolds, the tendency to rely on the must-win group is even greater. Now that even Kim Sang-soo, the most reliable card in the bullpen, has a gap, Lotte’s sense of crisis is bound to escalate.

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