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530 million won melted like an icicle…Finished with “0 Home Run”? Seasonally Ruined Foreign Farming

The head coach’s voice was clearly disappointed. The team calls for an all-out war, and the player says he won’t overdo it. It is even an alternative foreigner who kicked out existing players and urgently transfused them. 토토사이트

This is the story of Lotte Giants’ Nico Goodrum. Goodrum has not played since the match against Changwon NC Dinos on the 9th. As for the reason, Lotte’s acting coach Lee Jong-woon explained that Goodrum “is because he feels uncomfortable with his thighs.”

When I first came to Korea, I was envious, saying, “How did you recruit Goodrum?” He is an infielder from the Major Leaguer who went through the Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, and Houston Astros. He is a multi-defender and switch heater who can play not only all infield positions but also corner outfield. It looked like a sample of ‘multi-talented’.

Lotte’s eagerness is revealed by its generous investment of $400,000 (about 530 million won), the highest amount at the time of recruitment. It is a season that has already received a paid-in capital increase from its parent company and poured up to 26 billion won into non-FA extension contracts with three FA players last winter. The club’s CEO himself mentioned the goal of the “top 3,” and the head coach vowed to “go to the Korean Series.”

He also invested huge amounts of money in foreign players, including $1.3 million for Jack Rex, $1.2 million for Charlie Barnes, and $1 million for Dan Straily. The total annual salary of foreigners, including the $650,000 spent on Wilkerson and Goodrum, is more than 5.5 billion won. Except for Barnes and Wilkerson, none of them paid for the money.

Among them, Goodrum stands out even more because of his contrast with Wilkerson. This year, Lotte ranked first overall in April and maintained the top three structure until May. However, the crash began in June.

Goodrum and Wilkerson came to Lotte together during the All-Star break shortly after the end of the first half when anxiety came to reality. Wilkerson has struggled with four wins, two losses and a 2.14 ERA in nine games, while Goodrum is full of disappointment.

He played in 36 games this season and has a batting average of 263 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of only 0.681. In particular, he lacks long-hitting power to the extent that there is no single home run, and he does not have clutch skills. Along with John Gall and Brian O’Grady, he is on the verge of being recorded as a foreign player with “KBO 0 Home Run.”

In particular, he made as many as 11 mistakes as his footwork became dull due to repeated thigh pain. He played the most games as a third baseman (238 innings) this season, but he also played shortstop (43 innings), second baseman (8 innings), left fielder (6 innings) and right fielder (5 innings). But it is close to colorless and odorless. Even in defense, he showed no noticeable speciality. It is embarrassing to compare with Dixon Machado, who has a major league-class defense, passionate base play, teamwork, and a long hit.

There is no problem with the results of the hospital examination. However, it is difficult to use it excessively as long as the player himself complains of muscle pain. Acting coach Lee said, “Muscular pain will be cured if you rest. Rather than hastily appointing him, he gave him time. It’s better to give another player a chance than to use a player who says he’s not good, he said. “When I interviewed him, he said, ‘There’s no other problem. He explained, “I have pain, but I don’t want to overdo it.” He also expressed his agony, saying, “It is difficult to read my mind accurately because language does not work.”

It is not yet time to cancel the first-team entry. It is different from Koo Seung-min, who was canceled due to accumulated fatigue on the 16th. At this point, Gudrum’s cancellation of the first division means that he is virtually unable to play in the remaining games and is immediately expelled.

Lotte, ranked seventh, is dreaming of a miracle. In the fall baseball competition, which even the sixth-ranked Doosan Bears are intertwined, and in the lowest-ranked fight between the Hanwha Eagles, Samsung Lions, and Kiwoom Heroes, they are also one step away from each other.

With 23 games left in the regular season until the 16th, the difference between Lotte and the fifth-ranked SSG Landers is six games. It’s not an easy car to overturn.

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