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“700 million dollars, you don’t have to give it all in 10 years”, ···· The player first proposed it to dream of winning, and this is the Ohtani scale

Shohei Ohtani (29) signed a 10-year, $700 million (about 920 billion won) mega contract with the LA Dodgers, proposing an unprecedented “deferral of payment.”

Ohtani’s agency CAA said on the 10th, “Historical player Ohtani was considerate for the long-term success of the Dodgers by signing a contract that will remain in the history of sports.” “Consideration” means that he first offered to receive a significant amount of the astronomical amount of $700 million later on, not all within the contract period.

Local media including the Major League’s official website said, “The specific terms of the contract have yet to be disclosed, but Ohtani has agreed to receive a huge amount of money after the contract expires. The average amount of money received during the contract period will not reach 70 million dollars,” adding, “Ohtani first proposed “unprecedentedly delayed payment.” Analysts say that the Dodgers has taken consideration of the Dodgers team so that it can strengthen its power and ease the burden of a balanced competition tax. 토토사이트

The standard for imposing a competitive equilibrium tax on the Major League this year was 233 million U.S. dollars. The Dodgers used 267.2 million dollars this year to balance the competition. If Ohtani earns 70 million dollars a year (including installment payment of down payment) from next year, the Dodgers will not be able to recruit a large-sized FA for the entire decade when Ohtani is retained. However, Ohtani’s concession allows Dodgers to strengthen its capacity during the period it is with him.

This is not the first time that a Major League Baseball team with so many contract units has suspended annual salary payments. However, it is rarely the case that a player makes suggestions in consideration of a club. Otani decided to receive such a large amount of money later that local media described as “unprecedented” for the size of the team. Otani, who entered the Major League in 2018 but has never played in the postseason, chose the Dodgers as his new team that can achieve his dream of winning the championship, and made huge concessions to achieve his dream.

Super-class star Ohtani has reduced his annual average income, but his actual income is expected to be much higher. CBS Sports predicted, “Otani earned 30 million dollars this year at the Los Angeles Angels, but he earned more than his annual salary by signing an advertising contract of about 40 million dollars.”

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