Wednesday, 24th April 2024

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“9 million Baduk players are angry.” After a total cut in the Go budget of 2.1 billion won, the aftermath

According to a Go official on the 22nd, the budget related to Go, which aims to expand infrastructure in Go-related fields and create a sound sports ecosystem, has been completely cut in 2024. Officials say it is quite unusual for a sports organization that received 2.162 billion won in government subsidies this year to receive “total cuts” rather than partial cuts.

The Korean Baduk Association and other Baduk communities have been trying to prevent the reduction of the Baduk budget after the government’s budget proposal, which included a cut in the budget, was submitted to the National Assembly in September, which is a greater deprivation for the Baduk community.

In particular, critics of the government, which decided to cut the entire budget and stuck to it until the end, are expected to intensify. Multiple Baduk players, who expected the restoration of the Go budget through the National Assembly, agreed that it is problematic that the organization and operation of the huge government budget are controlled by some officials in charge of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. 경마사이트

According to an official of the Korea Baduk Association, “This year’s budget for Baduk was 2.162 billion won, and the budget was spent on various classes, including various club competitions, fostering students and adult players, distributing baduk for the vulnerable, and mid- to long-term infrastructure construction projects. If the government cuts the entire budget, not some cuts, it will inevitably disrupt continuous projects.”

In addition, Go is one of the few promotion laws enacted by the government, along with taekwondo, ssireum, and traditional martial arts. Even if Taekwondo, which is incomparable in scale, is excluded, ssireum and traditional martial arts have been the same or increased compared to this year, but it is pointed out that there is no justification for the full reduction of Go, and there is a problem with equity with other sports.

It remains to be seen how much impact the Go community’s move to properly show the voices of Go players will have, but it seems necessary to fully recover whether the government’s budget for next year, which suffered as expected, did not produce unfair organizations such as Go.

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