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A Distribution of a one-sided list of star-turned-ordinary coaches

    There are many things to be explained and nowhere to ask. 

    Only Jurgen Klins (59) is the story of the ‘Korea national football team coach.

    On the 28th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) announced the list of 25 players for the men’s A national team to participate in European friendly matches (against Wales on the 8th and Saudi Arabia on the 13th) in September.

    Most of the main members were selected

    including Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan Hyundai)

    Lee Jae-seong (Mainz), Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos)

    Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), and Cho Kyu-seong (Mitwillan). 

    In addition, Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich)

    who was unable to attend due to military training last June, was also listed.

    While there are members missing due to injuries such as Lee Kang-in

    Kim Jin-soo

    and Song Bum-keun

    Lee Dong-gyeong (Ulsan) and Kang Sang-woo (Beijing Guoan) were selected for the national team again after the final Asian qualifying round for the World Cup in Qatar last January. 

    Yang Hyun-joon, who has recently been showing good form at Celtic, also joined.

    There were also new faces. 

    Goalkeepers Kim Joon-hong (Kim Chun Sang-mu)

    Kim Ji-soo (Brentford)

    and Lee Soon-min (Gwangju) were like that.

    Kang Sang-woo, Kim Min-jae

    Kim Young-kwon, Kim Ji-soo, Jeong Seung-hyun

    Moon Seon-min, Yang Hyun-jun, Lee Dong-gyeong, and Lee Soon-min were added

    and Baek Seung-ho, Song Min-gyu, Jung Woo-yeong (Stuttgart), and Park Kyu-hyun were in training for the Asian Games led by coach Seon-Hong Hwang. excluded to participate. 

    This is the list for September, which has changed significantly compared to last June.

    However, there was no explanation for these changes. 

    National team coach Jurgen Klinsmann skipped the press conference announcing the national team list

    which was held at the soccer hall. 

    There is no communication window to ask why players were excluded

    why players were selected

    and why players B were chosen as substitutes for players A.

    It’s not that director Klinsman didn’t leave any stories behind.

     Through KFA, he said

    Injuries of players are the biggest variable in preparing for A match.

    In particular

    difficulties are expected due to disruptions in game management due to Lee Kang-in’s injury.


    I will accept the reality and use it as an opportunity to prepare another plan.

    left a comment

    He said


    in the case of Cho Kyu-sung and Hwang Hee-chan

    we included them in the list because we judged that there was no problem with this call-up while continuing to communicate with their team.

    As a result, Baek Seung-ho

    Song Min-gyu, Jung Woo-young 지울프-토토

    and Park Kyu-hyun were not called for this European expedition

    but Seol Young-woo and Hong Hyeon-seok were judged to be necessary players in preparation for the match against Wales

    so we decided to call them

    he said in an overall story about the selection of players.

    In addition

    Klinsmann said

    Three players are entering the national team for the first time.

    Kim Jun-hong was selected after checking his skills directly during the Asian Games national team’s Paju convocation training in early August.

    The two players were selected to see and observe the possibility of growing into the future of the national team rather than immediately feeling of power.

    Lee Soon-min is a player who has been steadily active in the K-League.

    The selection of these new players is to achieve the goal of winning the Asian Cup.

    It will be the beginning of a change for the future

    he said

    revealing the newly selected players and the background of their selection.


    a press conference to announce the national team roster was absolutely necessary.

    There are many changes in the roster

    as coach Klinsman is ahead of the first away game in charge of the Korean national team.

    In particular, there is no way to explain why Na Sang-ho

    who was consistently selected by coach Paulo Bento, and Park Ji-soo

    who brilliantly filled the vacancy of Kim Min-jae last June

    were not selected.


    there is no explanation of what the goals and game plans for this away game are

    and what they want to achieve by facing Wales and Saudi Arabia.

    Director Klinsman

    who prepared a communication channel through an online remote press conference on the 17th

    but there was no nutritious discussion.


    there has been a lot of talk about the issue of residing in

    but he said

    I want to talk about the fact that I am thinking about Korean soccer through this place

    but could not come up with a convincing reason to support these words.

    In fact, coach Klinsman stopped by Korea for a while to watch the friendly match between Atletico Madrid and Team K-League instead of the K-League this summer.

    He has recently been busy conducting interviews with foreign media

    and according to media reports from the UK and Germany

    he analyzed the Inter Miami match to which Lionel Messi belongs and gave advice to Harry Kane

    a junior in Bayern Munich

    on adapting to German culture.

    Klinsmann is a legendary player who often appears when talking about strikers in football history.

     However, it is difficult to see his career as a manager successful.

    In 2005

    German football legend Franz Beckenbauer advised Klinsmann, who was in charge of the German national team at the time

    Klinsmann should spend more time in Germany

    not in the United States

    and get help from fellow coaches.

    He also did the absurd thing of notifying his resignation as director through social media.

    In the photo reported by foreign media

    Klinsman is talking about Messi

    Tottenham, Kane

    and Munich while hanging a muffler with ‘KOREA’ written on his right side.

     Klinsmann appears to be enjoying life as a “retired star player” instead of focusing on his “day job” as national team manager.

    On the 17th

    Klinsman’s ‘coach’ said

    The point I want to tell you is that I am a ‘workaholic’.

    I watched the game.

    I also watched the under-18 game.

    The only way to prove this is the performance of the Korean national team.


    even if manager Klinsman produces satisfactory results

    this does not mean that there are no problems with his work attitude.

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