Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Advancing to the Championship! KB Head Coach Kim Wan-soo

Regular-season champion KB Stars has cruised through the first gateway to the unified championship.

The KB Stars defeated Hana OneQ 77-64 in Game 3 of the Woori Bank Woori WON 2023-2024 Women’s Professional Basketball League playoffs at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on Wednesday. KB Stars advanced to the championship game with an undefeated 3-0 series record. KB Stars will play the winner of Woori Bank and Samsung Life Insurance for the crown.

KB Stars head coach Kim Wan-soo said he expected Kang Yi-seul to break out before the game. She struggled with 9 points in Game 1 and 7 points in Game 2. However, Kang Yiul lived up to Kim’s dreams, scoring 21 points in Game 3.

After the game, Kim Wan-soo said, “First of all, I want to tell the Hana OneQ players that they struggled, and thank you for playing a good game. (Kang) Yi-seul, (Heo) Ye-eun exploded, and (Park) Ji-soo played hard and well. I’m glad we were able to recover and move up.”

Whether it’s Woori Bank or Samsung Life, no opponent is easy.

“Both teams have different styles,” said Kim Wan-soo. I’m confident that we can play well against either team and that our players will do a good job,” Kim said.

Kim made bigger moves and shouted louder than usual on the court.

“That came up in the meeting with the coaches. They said that they wanted me to be a little more encouraging and praise the players. They’re professional athletes and they’re in charge of themselves, but there’s still a role for coaches to play. I paid more attention to that,” he said.

The championship match is on the 24th. There will be more than 10 days of rest.

Coach Kim Wan-soo revealed that he plans to put more emphasis on the offensive side of the game. He said, “First of all, we are not satisfied with the defense, but we are continuing to prepare as we did last season. However, the No. 2 spot is disappointing. The challenge is how to improve the confidence of the players and make them integrate into the team.”

Hana One Q is also Kim’s home team. He coached her from 2016 to 2021.

“When I was saying goodbye after the game, Jung Eun-i was cheering for me, and (tears) were rolling down my cheeks. These are the players I lived with. They did a great job this season, and when they cheered for me backwards, I felt emotional, even though we were opponents. Hana One Q’s season ended today, but I hope they can go even higher next year.”



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