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Against the ‘strongest baseball’…”To revitalize baseball’s popularity,” the “Literners,” set up by Shim Soo-chang and led by head coach Jang Sung-ho

There is a baseball program to compete against JTBC’s entertainment program “The Strongest Baseball.” A team called “Literners” was created, led by Shim Soo-chang, a commentator for MBC Sports+.

The “strongest baseball” plays against amateur baseball teams, but the “Literners” are different in that they face off against a professional baseball team. Retired baseball players are determined to aim for “finished life” through baseball, expressing that they are “misaeng” in that they start again as freshmen in society. They are players who once played on the ground, but after retirement, they compete with baseball, which is a member of society, thinking that they are in the same position as the members of society. The winning team will also receive a prize of 10 million won.

Commentator Shim Soo-chang made his determination in a phone call with this paper, saying, “I want to make it possible for ordinary people to enjoy baseball as well.”

Professional baseball faced a crisis after the COVID-19 pandemic, but its popularity seems to be recovering as spectators visit baseball stadiums again this season. However, the need to attract new young baseball fans is still one of the challenges to be solved. 토토사이트

When baseball became popular after winning a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, many baseball players wanted to play baseball themselves. However, in recent social baseball fields, the influx of young players is small and the number of masters decreases, making it difficult to form a team and play games. In this respect, the “Literners” are out to further revitalize baseball’s popularity.

Jang Seong-ho, a KBSN commentator, is impressed. Cha Woo-chan, who recently announced his retirement, will take over as the pitching coach.

The composition of the players is no less than that of the “strongest baseball.” Shim Soo-chang, who gathered players when he first planned the “strongest baseball”, formed a team using his outstanding personal connections again this time.

In addition to Shim Soo-chang himself playing as a pitcher, Kim Sung-bae, Yoon Gil-hyun, Lee Hyun-seung, Yoo Won-sang, Oh Hyun-taek, Han Ki-joo, Jung Young-il, Kang Ri-ho, and Geum Min-chul will also play as pitchers. The fielders were joined by Lee Dae-hyung, Kim Yong-eui, SPOTV commentators, Na Ji-wan, KBSN commentators, Na Joo-hwan, Yoon Seok-min, Yoo Min-sang, Gong Tae-hyun, Choi Yong-je, Kang Min-guk, Shin Chang-hee, Oh Jae-won, Kim Byung-hee, Choi Jin-haeng, and Lee Woo-min.

On the 25th, he adjusted his condition as the first practice. The program will be aired on YouTube’s ‘Kibo Graduates’. It is already drawing keen attention from the trailer. Baseball fans are expressing excitement in the comments, saying, “I’m looking forward to it.”

Shim said, “I’m going to play with aluminum bats like social baseball,” adding, “I’ll show you a baseball that’s that useful and sincere.”

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