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Allianz Arena

When Germany was honored to host the 2004 World Cup, Germany needed a new stadium to accommodate the games. The Allianz Arena was one of the most successful of these stadiums. It is most famous for its color system and its futuristic appearance. Growing grass inside modern stadiums is often a difficult task. This is because air flow is restricted because as many fans as possible must be pushed under the large and excessively touching roof. At the Allianz Arena, the roof consists of 2,874 pneumatic panels made of transparent and translucent ETFE laminates, which are exceptionally good conductors of light, allowing the grass to grow normally. In 2005, a few months after its opening, the stadium was nicknamed the “Expandable Boat” due to its unique shape. It’s named, but this innovative stadium is more than that. Allianz Arena is a stadium in Munich, Germany. According to a survey by the political and cultural magazine Cicero, the Allianz Arena in Munich is the most popular sports stadium in Germany. The city’s two most famous soccer teams, Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich, play here. Bayern Munich have played their home games at Allianz Arena since the 2005–06 season. Construction of the Allianz Arena Stadium began with a vote to build a new stadium after architect Günter Venicehi refused to redesign and rebuild the Munich Olympic Stadium. The vote was held with two-thirds approval for the construction of a new stadium for national and international level tournaments. The stadium was designed by Swiss architect Herzog & De Meuron Basel. The government also rebuilt Frotmaning and Marienplatz stations to build the Allianz Arena stadium in Munich. The cost of construction was 340 million euros. In addition, the states and cities also spent about EUR 210 million to develop the city’s regional development and infrastructure. Allianz, an important financial services provider, has acquired the naming rights to the stadium for 30 years. However, the name is not available for FIFA and UEFA competitions. These governing bodies prohibit sponsoring companies that are not official competition partners. The stadium was called the FIFA World Cup Stadium during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The stadium, known as Football Arena Munich, is the venue for the 2012 UEFA Champions League final, and is set for the 2025 final, which has been changed since 2023. In addition, on February 9, 2022, it was announced that Allianz Arena would host regular season games for the 2022 NFL season as part of the NFL International Series. It will be the first American football league game to be held in Germany. 온라인경마