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Are casinos making the right bets regarding slots?

With slot machines generating most of the revenue in casinos around the world, game managers make it their business to keep slot players happy. So how do they stop losing customers from going on the road?

A common strategy is to lower what’s called House Edge, which is the advantage of casinos when you look at the long-term difference between how much you’ve been paid and how much you’ve been paid. The idea is that if you play a 5% house advantage slot machine, for example, you can play twice as long as a 10% house advantage game, right?

That is not true, according to a new study by UNLV professors Anthony Lucas and A.K Singh, no statistical difference was observed in the number of spins of individual gamblers, even when the benefits of a house more than doubled.

Using an approach that simulates 100 years of daytime play, the researchers analyzed the results generated by reel slot machines with hidden but different house edges, according to the same betting rules. The results showed a remarkably similar number of spins in the game despite large differences in house edges. Although this is the first study to use this particular approach, it is the seventh in a series of studies by UNLV researchers confirming this general conclusion.

The bad news for casinos is that the traditional idea of how the edge of the house affects the experience of slot players is likely to come at a cost. 경마

“If individual players don’t see results from their play that allow them to detect differences at the house edge,” Lucas said. “There is an opportunity for game operators to maintain a larger portion of their bets. Even minute changes in the frequency of the Big Jackpot can make an important contribution to overall slot revenue.”

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