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“Are you going to be a zombie, Arsenal-Liverpool…traitors have appeared”

Manchester United (Manchester United), Manchester City (Manchester City), Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, which are called the English Premier League’s “Big Six,” were identified as the teams that joined when ESL first appeared in 2021, but all teams withdrew immediately. This is because various international soccer organizations, including UEFA and FIFA, have threatened to sanction them, and fans’ anger has been high.

However, the European Court of Justice ruled on Sunday (Korea time) that it is illegal for UEFA and FIFA to block the creation of the ESL, effectively eliminating the way to prevent the creation of the ESL. Since then, a number of European big clubs have opposed the decision and nailed on not participating in the ESL, but Arsenal and Liverpool have remained silent and have yet to take a separate stance. The Sun, a British media outlet, said, “Are Arsenal and Liverpool willing to participate in the ESL? Still, no objection has been made. Fans are furious.”

Manchester United became the first club in the Premier League to oppose the ESL. “Our position on not participating in the ESL has not changed,” the club said. “We will continue to participate in all UEFA competitions, continue close cooperation with the English Football Association, Premier League and other clubs, and promote the development of European soccer.” About five hours later, Tottenham, Chelsea, and Manchester City showed the same stance as Manchester United, saying, “Our position on not participating has not changed,” and added, “We will take the lead in preserving European soccer values.”

In the past, Arsenal and Liverpool fans also gathered at their home stadium to protest the announcement that the “Big Six” had joined the ESL. “Thousands of Arsenal fans are holding a protest in front of the club,” the Guardian said at the time. “The fans longed for the resignation of the owner Krankiga.” In the end, Josh Krankie, the son and director who took full control of the club, apologized and announced his withdrawal from the ESL, and the fans could barely calm down. 사설 토토사이트

Liverpool has also been extinguished after suffering backlash from fans since the announcement of its membership in the ESL. After discussions with famous Liverpool fandom such as “Spirits of Chancliss,” the club announced, “We will faithfully reflect the opinions of the fans in the management of the club,” and the fans won.

The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF), which was set up to protect the interests and rights of football fans in England and Wales, told clubs that the ESL is a European zombie league and that unjustifiable escape and betrayal are not acceptable. It seems that the club used the term “escape” as it automatically does not participate in the Premier League if it joins the ESL.

“The fans, the club, and even the players have all informed us that they will not participate in the ESL,” he said, urging Liverpool and Arsenal to express their stance quickly. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Monday that he would establish an independent organization that manages and supervises football clubs nationally to prevent illegal escape and unauthorized participation in the ESL. This implies his willingness to prevent Premier League teams from leaving the league.

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