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Australia’s Victorian government proposes amendment to 2023 gambling law

The Australian state of Victoria has introduced amendments to the Gambling Act 2023 to address gaming-related issues, including excessive gaming time and the amount of gambling at Crown Melbourne casino properties. The action is said to provide a comprehensive monitoring tool to ensure that guardians comply with the time and amount allowed to gamble in Victoria under the Your Play pre-engagement system.

Monitor Crown compliance activities: 슬롯머신

As reported, the Victorian government is proposing legislation following the Royal Commission’s findings that its operator, Crown Melbourne, cannot maintain its license. After a procedure that gave casinos a two-year period to restore suitability, the government decided to implement all 33 recommendations from the Royal Commission. IAG reported that the Victorian government considers the amendment to be a tool for the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Board to monitor Crown’s compliance and for regulators to decide whether to hold off granting the operator a gaming license.

Proposed 2023 Amendment:

This action includes mandatory advance commitment and card play systems to ensure compliance with the operator’s responsible gambling provisions under the supervision of regulators. The issue prompted a 2023 amendment to the Gambling Act, which, as IAG reported, stipulates a mandatory closure period from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. for all game console properties except casinos and at the same time strengthens control over betting activities in the province.

Mandatory compliance with play tracking system:

According to the new legislation, all players using the game console can be asked to track their play time using the YourPlay pre-engagement system starting in December 2023. The legislation also applies to table games where tracking systems are expected to be mandatory by December 2025. According to IAG, the measure also applies to mandatory pre-engagement limits, which refer to all electronic game consoles in the province, as well as gambling limits of $100, which aim to reduce card play, and game speed. According to officials, it should also reduce Victoria’s problem gambling.

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