Sunday, 26th May 2024

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BlueBetnets records first-half revenue growth – U.S. losses offset

Revenue for the six months to Dec. 31 was A$27.8 million (€14.3 million/€16.7 million/$18.1 million), up from BlueBet’s $24.7 million in the first half of 2023. BlueBet said this was driven by a record revenue increase of $319.5 million during the half.

Over the six-month period, BlueBet further grew its Australian operations, with revenue rising 13.0% to $27.9 million. Active Australian customers also rose 13.0% to $298.7 million with revenue up 6.9%. 바카라사이트넷

However, there was bad news for BlueBet behind this growth in Australia. In August, the Victoria Gambling and Casino Authority charged BlueBet with violating state regulations on advertising. If found guilty, BlueBet could face a fine of up to 945,187 Australian dollars.

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