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British Columbia voters back public probe into casino money laundering case

According to a new survey, most voters in British Columbia believe the Canadian government should conduct a public investigation into the situation that led to money laundering at British Columbia Lottery Company (BCLC) casinos.

The poll, conducted by Mario Canseco of Research, found that local voters were aware of allegations in the widely debated money laundering scheme case at the Metro Vancouver casino. In September, Attorney General David Evey began an independent review of the matter. As Evey said at the time, a review was needed because a suspicious cash transaction worth tens of millions of dollars was revealed after an official inspection of the Richmond-based River Rock casino.

Now, voters in British Columbia, who participated in a survey conducted by Canseco, were asked what they would do with regard to money laundering at local casinos. Another question for the survey’s respondents was whether British Columbia voters would prefer a public survey. According to the results of the survey, the majority of respondents said they supported a public investigation into the matter. Previously, Canseco had expected more than half of its respondents to support the move.

According to him, more people want to find out who is responsible for the money laundering scandal, so people need a system to get more information about the situation. 슬롯머신사이트

In addition, respondents to the survey were also asked about measures they would support to address casino money laundering. British Columbia voters were asked about measures they would support to deal with money laundering plans at casinos.

Strict measures against BC casino gambling are also supported
Previous media reports suggested that British Columbia casinos were suspected of laundering drug cash using high-value betting rooms and international VIP players. As revealed by Mario Canseco, the report exposed extremely large chip purchases worth about C$500,000 without known sources of funding.

A suspected connection between Chinese and Macau’s global organized crime groups and senior officials is still being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The RCMP also announced separate cases in relation to some of the charges faced by VIP players related to River Rock Casino, Macau, China, Las Vegas and Australia, in which about C$850 million of the C$850 million would have been laundered through the player’s casino gambling.

According to the aforementioned poll results, about 40% of survey respondents think a public investigation into money laundering cases should be initiated, while another 36% think the government should start an investigation. A total of 10 percent of respondents said the government should not start an investigation, and 9 percent were unsure about it. The other 5 percent said they should never do the survey.

83% of local voters who supported the British Columbia state green party in the 2017 local elections were also found to have supported a public inquiry into the scandalous money laundering case. In addition, public surveys on the issue were supported by 78% of local voters who voted for the NDP and 69% of voters who supported the British Columbia Liberal Party.

When it comes to measures to address casino money laundering, the majority of voters (about 68%) who participated in the survey said they would vote in favor of a so-called “upper limit” table game ban that allows high-value holders to bet in excess of C$10,000. If the ban is approved, the state’s casino revenues are expected to record a significant decline. About 86% of local voters supported another measure that required casino gamblers to reveal the source of money in excess of C$10,000.


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