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Captain Son Heung-min is on the verge of breaking up, and ‘Tottenham’s Gye-reuk’ is on its way to the transfer market

Tottenham Hotspur are agonizing over the injury of a number of offensive resources. Playmaker James Madison does not know when he will return, and recruit Manor Solomon is also out. Harry Kane has endured well since moving to Bayern Munich, but he is currently seeing the worst as he has fallen to one draw and five losses in the last five games.

Having departed from the team for a while due to injury, Hisharlisong has little influence. He scored one goal and one assist in the fifth round match against Sheffield United, and thought his capability was exploding. Captain Son Heung-min pushed Hisharlisong’s back and approached fans to be cheered. Since then, he has been walking around like an empty can without any special performance.

Tottenham paid a whopping 60 million pounds (99.8 billion won) in transfer fee when it acquired Hisahli Song from Everton last season. After beating the calculator, Chairman Daniel Levy said, “I am sure that I will recruit him.” 메이저 토토사이트

However, his presence was weak with only one goal and three assists in 27 games. Expectations were high because there was no Kane this season, but 12 games were all about one goal and three assists. When I recruited him to score a goal, he only showed me playing, and it’s the end.

During his four seasons with Everton, Hissarlison has scored 43 goals in the league. He clearly showed that he is a talented player to score goals. This season, Kane was out of the team and used Son as the central striker, giving him more opportunities in the side.

No matter how much you play, there is nothing to show other than clunkyness. No analysis is made except for inconsistent with Tottenham or poor personal ability.

British media Daily Mail said on the 8th (Korea time), “Tottenham’s patience has run out. It is expected to be put up for sale in the transfer market in January next year. According to an internal source, Chairman Levy is reportedly looking for an appropriate transfer team.”

Internet media outlet “90min” also said, “Hisharlison is not getting used to Tottenham’s atmosphere. He believes that playing for other teams can help him grow his personal skills and coexist.” He also said that he is highly likely to leave the team.

Of course, there is a possibility that he will remain in the club. Son Heung-min will transfer to Qatar for the Asian Cup, which is a big variable and the possibility of Brian Hill transfer is also open to the public. His move is still questionable given that other players’ positions are intertwined.

However, it is hard to deny that Levy sees Hisharlisong as a clear transfer target and moves. In any way, it seems likely to break up with Tottenham. The choice was also up to Hisharlisong.

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