Saturday, 13th April 2024

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Casino sales at foreign-only casino operator Grand Korea Leisure rose 230.2 percent year-on-year to close to 32.09 billion won (US$26.1 million) in January, the company said, according to Friday’s data submitted to the company said. The latest monthly tally is up 5.0% from the previous month.

In the case of the recent reporting month, table game sales increased by 257.3% year-on-year to KRW 29.07 billion, and increased by 2.5% sequentially. Machine game sales rose 90.6% from a year ago, slightly below KRW 3.02 billion, and increased 38.4% from the previous month.

The company had no comment on the reasons for the two changes.

In 2022, casino sales at Grand Korea Leisure increased 196 percent year-on-year to close to 265.17 billion won. 파칭코사이트인포

The company operates three foreign-only Seven Luck branded casinos: two in the capital city of Seoul, including Gangnam, and one in the southeastern port city of Busan.

The group closed the Millennium Hilton Hotel’s Gangbuk concert hall in Seoul on Dec. 30 and moved its game operations to Dragon City in Seoul from Dec. 31.

In December, Grand Korea Leisure announced that it would reduce the size of its Chinese marketing team and reduce the number of liaison offices in Japan by a third.


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