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“Catch Tottenham’s replacement coach!” Napoli ‘expresses desperation’ in appointing a coach…Conte said, “I’m not sure. Talks stop.”

Napoli is a completely different team from the previous season. Thanks to performances by Kim Min-jae, Victor Osimhen, and Hvicha Kvaratshelia, Napoli has disappeared after winning the league title for the first time in 33 years with overwhelming performances.

He is ranked ninth in the league. His performance continued to deteriorate due to sluggish attacks and seriously faltering defense. Luciano Spalletti’s successor Rudy Garcia has already been replaced, and a new coach named Walther Maric is also struggling.

After all, Napoli aims to renew the mood by appointing a new coach once again. The coach that wants is Antonio Conte, who has already proven his capability on the Italian stage. Conte is still unemployed after being replaced by Tottenham Hotspur in March last year. However, despite Napoli’s aggressive courtship, Conte is not sure whether he can take the helm.

Football Italia said: “President Aurelio de Laurentis offered Conte everything he wanted, but Conte still hasn’t decided whether to take on Napoli. The president continued the conversation to convince him.” 메이저 토토사이트

“He made a strong offer to accept Conte’s demands and offer him control of the transfer market by offering a contract worth 8 million euros. There is a possibility that Conte will also be allowed to leave the club at will. This shows the urgency of Laurentis,” he added.

Conte is still stubborn. News was reported that he visited the stadium to watch the Napoli game, but Napoli lost 0-3 to Turin at the time. Football Italy said Conte had suspended the talks because he was still unsure of his position as Napoli’s coach.

Conte is certain of what he has shown in Italy, with four Serie A championships and two Sumercopa Italian championships. As he can be a surefire fighter for Napoli, his conviction is expected to continue.

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