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Changing the arm angle, pitching form, and position of the pitch board. 147km curve gets better, control gets better

This works in 10 days?’ Changing the arm angle, pitching form, and position of the pitch board. 147km curve gets better, control gets better…Winning pitcher after 2 years without allowing any runs in 5 innings. ‘Starting next year’

LG Twins’ 1m 91st tall left-handed pitcher Son Joo-young (25) won his second victory in 772 days. Son Joo-young started against the Lotte Giants in Jamsil on the 10th and recorded two hits, two walks and three strikeouts in five innings. LG’s batters remained silent until the third inning, then scored two points in the fourth inning and five points in the fifth inning, scoring a generous 7-0 score to support Son Joo-young.

On August 29, 2021, he won his second victory in more than two years after reporting his first victory in his debut with two runs in six innings against Kiwoom in Jamsil. First win of the season in his last appearance this year.

Son Joo-young, who started as a fifth starter at the beginning of last season and underwent elbow surgery after three appearances, saw opportunities by steadily throwing in the second division this year. On September 9 against KIA in Gwangju, he started for the first time in more than a year and four months and was not satisfied with four hits, two walks, and three runs (one earned) in the first ⅔ inning, and in the match against Samsung in Jamsil on September 28, he was the second pitcher after starter Lee Jung-yong, showing a sluggish performance of six hits, two walks, and four runs in two innings.

It was different from the starting opportunity I got again in 12 days. He added sliders (16), curves (10), and fork balls (3), mainly throwing fastballs (55) of up to 147 kilometers.

When asked what improved, he said it was good to change it for next year with coach Kim Kyung-tae and Kim Kwang-sam. When I asked specifically, they poured out one after another. I changed so much that I wondered if I could change everything all of a sudden, but the results were good.

Son Joo-young said, “I raised my leg first, then stopped for a while and changed it to go out. It was good to balance while playing catch the next day against Samsung, so I played it in a practice match in Icheon. So I tried to stop and throw for a while in this game, and it led to a good result.”

“I also raised my arm angle a little. Then the curve got better. Originally, I was told that I should never use a crystal ball because my curve was bad, he said. “I threw a curve to Jeon Joon-woo, but he swung and missed.” I was surprised. I trusted Heo Do-hwan and threw it one more time, but he swung and missed again. So I felt that my curve got a little better,” he said with a smile. The swinging strikeout caught by Jeon Jun-woo in the top of the first inning was caught with the curve.

He even changed the position of the pitch board. Son Joo-young said, “I originally stepped on the first base, but I changed it to the middle. “When I stepped on the left side, the ball tended to bend a little and go in, but when I stepped on the middle and threw it, my control got better.”

He changed them all at once in about 10 days, and with good results, he even became a winning pitcher. From now on, I plan to prepare for the next season like this steadily. 온라인경마

“I rehabilitated thinking that I was going to the army once more. At first, he didn’t have a ball speed, didn’t have a good balance, and after throwing, his elbow was bad. Son Joo-young, who looked back on the rehabilitation period with a smile, said, “Please include the names of training coaches Kim Jong-wook, Bae Yo-han, and Yoo Hyun-won in the rehabilitation and second division in the article.” I’m so grateful for them,” he said. “Coach Kyung Heon-ho, coach Shin Jae-woong, and coach Jinyong Jang also helped a lot in the second division,” he said.