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Charges text or wrongdoing

Textor says that the technology he employed evaluated human behavior, identifying abnormal behavior. In the match between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras, where the latter won 5-0, the technology found that five Sao Paulo players showed abnormal behavior. One of the players had eight defects, almost three times higher than what is considered a normal rate.

Textor claims the game was modified. At CPI, Textor said he did not know whether Palmeiras players were involved. However, he reaffirmed his belief that there was unusual behavior in the show. 메이저 토토사이트

Textor has claimed to have been analyzing potential match rigging since 2017. He highlighted a match between Vasco da Gama and Palmeiras that resulted in a goal where a VAR camera was misplaced and Vasco da Gama was wrongly disallowed.

Another example of texter was a match between botapogo and palmeiras. Textor claims botapogo was wrongly sent off before palmeiras turned the match around 4-3.

CPI Response
In response, Romario asked whether Textor had used the technology in his Botafogo team, and claimed that Textor was trying to use his claims to sell the club. In response, Textor said it had used the technology to study the team’s underperformance in the previous season, though no results had been made yet, and Textor denied claims it had used the claims as a strategy to sell Botafogo.

Kajuru also asked Textor about what he felt could be a contradiction. In an earlier YouTube video, Textor claimed that he had strong evidence that Palemiras had benefited from match-fixing for two seasons. However, Textor claimed that he did not blame Palemiras for anything wrong.

In response, Tektor said he did not refute, instead saying he believed Palmeiras had benefited from alleged manipulation in the 2022 and 2023 seasons but had never made the case that Palmeiras or Sao Paulo were directly behind the match-fixing.

Romario also raised questions about whether the techniques highlighted by Textio were accurate enough to make such a point, especially whether a player could simply lose focus or misjudge whether he was directly involved in match-fixing.

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