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Chinese media surrounding the ‘Thai players’ collective guhta’ Chinese media, “Thai players who provided the cause have no disciplinary action.”

Zhejiang FC, a member of the Chinese Super League, beat Thai team Buriram United 3-2 in the fifth Group H qualifying match of the 2023-24 AFC Asian Champions League held at the Huzhou Olympic Sports Center in China on April 29. Buriram (2-3, +0) is in third place, and Zhejiang (2-3, -4) is in fourth place.

After the game, a problem arose. Buriram was hit by a Chinese player and fell. Angered by this, Buriram’s Azerbaijani striker Ramil Sheidaev rushed to Zhejiang midfielder Zhang Jiaqi. Then, Chinese players beat Sheidaev in groups. As Buriram’s players got tangled together, the stadium quickly turned into a battleground. 메이저 토토사이트

As a result, players who were involved in violent incidents will be given disciplinary action. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announced on Wednesday, “Saved teams Yao Jun-seong and Leonardo will be banned from eight matches. Buriram’s Sheidaev will also be banned from eight matches.”

In addition, Zhejiang player Dong Yoo-joon and tactical analysis team Wang Ji-an were banned for six games. Zhejiang was also fined $10,000. Buriram also failed to avoid disciplinary action. Leon James and Chidiba were banned for six games each. Buriram was fined $10,000.

Chinese media claim that AFC’s disciplinary action is unfair. This is why the Thai player first provided the cause of the fight.

“The AFC has imposed heavy fines and bans on its players. Such heavy punishment is rare in AFC history. If the AFC fails to advance to the Asian Champions League, the fate of its players could change,” said Sohu Sports.

“What is surprising is that Matan, a Thai player who caused the conflict, avoided disciplinary action. In the first place, he insulted the Chinese players in English, sparking the conflict. The AFC disciplinary committee used the video as evidence, but failed to discipline Matan because it found no evidence of abusive language,” he said.

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