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Cho Hye-rim and Kim Hee-ji were born in 2001 and are friends of the same age

Cho Hye-rim and Kim Hee-ji led the story before the tee shot to a bright and pleasant atmosphere. Two-year-old sister Kim Na-hyun 2 also relaxed by talking together.

When the tee shot start time was almost up, Cho Hye-rim and Kim Hee-ji made high fives with three caddies. Caddies who were making high fives with other players other than their own were also a little puzzled, but they didn’t seem to hate it.

Cho Hye-rim and Kim Hee-ji, who finished high-fives with caddies, approached Kim Na-hyun, who was preparing for the first tee shot, and started the second round happily as the three gave high fives. It was more like a cheerful sports day than a tense game.

Kim Na-hyun 2, Kim Hee-ji, and Cho Hye-rim finished tee shots in order and headed for the second shot vigorously. 바카라사이트넷

In the second round, Cho Hye-rim was 16th with a 2-under-par final total of 6-under 210, Kim Hee-ji was 56th with a 5-over final total of 1 over, and Kim Na-hyun 2 was eliminated with a final total of 8 over-par.

Meanwhile, in the third round on the 11th, Park Min-ji won the championship with an eagle after an extended match with Lee Ye-won with a final total of 205 strokes.

Park Min-ji, who won three consecutive single tournaments, became the fifth person to win three consecutive single tournaments after Koo Ok-hee (1982), Park Se-ri (1997), Kang Soo-yeon (2002) and Kim Hae-rim (2018).

It is the first win in seven months following the victory of the SK Shielders and SK Telecom Championship in the final game of the season last year. Park Min-ji, who achieved 17 wins in her career, tied for third place with Ko Woo-soon after Shin Ji-ae (21 wins in total) and Koo Ok-hee (20 wins) in the most wins in the KLPGA Tour history.


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