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Choctaw Casino & Resort Announces Rewards Club Update

Choto Rewards has been revamped and customers can now take advantage of almost everything they buy within Choto Casino & Resort. From hotels staying at Durant, Grant or Pocola to retail purchases at one of our many casino stores to dining at top-notch restaurants, Choto customers will build points at participating restaurants and retail stores within every Choto Casino & Resort.

Wendy Carter, Managing Director of Marketing, said, “We are excited to launch a refurbished Rewards Club that provides customers with the ability to earn points faster to achieve higher tier levels in a faster time.” 온라인경마

But updates don’t stop at making money. Choctaw Casino wants customers to have easier access to information. With the launch of the Player Portal, Choctaw Rewards members can now log in to their Choctaw Rewards account to download aggregated tax documents electronically as well as check their point balances, tier credits, and tier levels. You can also watch games and food and drink offerings.

Players can also link their Choctaw Slots account to a Choctaw Rewards account to earn points from the money members spent on in-app purchases.

Rewards club levels remain the same for guests classified as Ruby, Amber, Sapphire, Royal, and Onyx. Choctaw Rewards will also introduce legacy badges that meet certain criteria and are given to active members since the first Choctaw Rewards program began nearly 20 years ago. This badge allows members to receive a free valet, one free meal a month, and a $25 bonus play per month.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the value of our Rewards Club for our guests and we already have one of the only card loyalty systems in the region,” Carter said. “Adding new benefits and the ability to earn loyalty points for purchases other than game betting will provide a better opportunity to evaluate customer preferences more accurately while offering specific loyalty benefits to light gamers and resort enthusiasts.”

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