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Coaching staff discord, failure to manage the injured, and the replacement of the manager… again failed in fall baseball

However, since mid-June, the game management has not been smooth due to errors in judgment between the club and the field, and even injured players have come out one after another. It also failed to manage the injured. Above all, at the end of June, he suffered an internal feud, with rumors of discord being revealed to the outside due to an altercation between coaching staff. As bad news erupted one after another, Lotte gradually lost its strength to endure. Existing foreign players, including Charlie Barnes, Dan Strayley and Jack Rex, were sluggish and had no strength to endure as they were injured. 안전놀이터

Lotte’s psychological Maginot Line collapsed as the 50% winning rate collapsed before and after the All-Star break. Ahead of the second half, Lotte tried to rebound by replacing Strayley with Aaron Wilkerson and Rex with Nico Goodrum. In fact, there were several chances to rebound, but Lotte did not have the power to rise and did not rebound.

The improvement of the body has failed as a result. Goodrum, the foreign hitter who changed, failed to be supportive at an important time due to defensive errors and injuries, and Pil Seung-min Koo and Kim Sang-soo also left the lineup due to injuries at the end of the season due to excessive appearances in the early and mid-season. In the process, the head of the field was replaced once again, with coach Larry Sutton resigning in the middle for health reasons.

In early 2020-2021, former coach Huh Moon-hoe was replaced due to discord with general manager Sung Min-gyu, and the head of the field was replaced again this year. Even Sutton, who was said to be relatively well-connected with the club, could not avoid the catastrophe.

Lotte’s process has repeatedly made errors. This year, we are fully prepared to improve the error. We invested and reorganized the team in many ways. The head has also been changed. However, the results did not change this year and failed again in fall baseball. The only thing that did not change through various changes was the Lotte front desk.

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