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Confidence boosts Korean freestyle relay can they reach ‘gold + world record’ in Paris?

2009년 로마 세계선수권대회에서 계영 800m 세계 기록을 세운 미국

At the 2024 International Swimming Federation World Championships in Doha, Qatar, Korea won a medal in the management team event for the first time in its history .Yang Jae-hoon (25), Kim Woo-min (22, Sangwon-do), Lee Ho-joon (23, Jeju-do) and Hwang Sun-woo (20, Gangwon-do) won silver in the men’s 800-meter freestyle relay final with a time of 7:01.94.The victory was the culmination of three trips to Australia between 2022 and this year, as the KFA targeted the men’s medley relay as a medal strategy event for Paris 2024.The Korean management team returned home from Incheon International Airport on Nov. 19, expressing great satisfaction with their medal performance and vowing to make a splash in Paris. At the return press conference, the team’s head coach Lee Jung-hoon said, “According to the data, we are well within the six-minute mark,” adding, “The six-minute mark is not far away. I think it will definitely come out at the Olympics.”Korea’s best time in the men’s 800-meter freestyle relay is 7:01.73, set when the team won gold in the final at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year.It’s a Korean record and an Asian record.An Olympic podium is out of reach once they enter the ‘dream six’.

There have been three six-minute times in the men”s 800-meter freestyle relay at the Summer Olympics .In Beijing 2008, the United States set the Olympic record with a time of 6:58.56, and in London 2012, they repeated the feat with a time of 6:59.70.At the Tokyo 2020 Games in 2021, Great Britain was the first to touch the touchpad with a time of 6:58.58. They have stood atop the Olympic podium every time. Six minutes in the 800-meter freestyle relay means Olympic gold .Lee’s confidence in the six-minute mark stems from the backstroke of Hwang Sun-woo. Hwang was the last swimmer in the 800-meter freestyle relay in Doha, where he swam an explosive 1:43.76 to give South Korea a silver medal .It was the fastest 200-meter time of all the swimmers in the final, and the first time Hwang had ever swum a 200-meter leg in the sub-1:43s in a relay.

“Hwang Sun-woo has broken 1:43, and Kim Woo-min is definitely capable of breaking that time,” said Lee. Similarly, Lee Ho-joon had a 1:44 in Fukuoka, and we can expect 1:43,” Lee said. “We have three athletes who are capable of breaking 1:43,” he added. With Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min and Lee Ho-joon firmly in place, the question is how to complete the 800-meter freestyle relay team. In Doha, they alternated between Yang Jae-hoon and Lee Yoo-yeon (23-Goyang City Hall).The preliminaries were swum by Lee, who finished fourth in the 200-meter freestyle at the World Championships last November, while the final was swum by Yang .However, Yang struggled in the final of the Doha Games as the No. 1 swimmer, finishing in 1:47.78.

His time was nearly a second slower than the 1:46.83 he posted at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year.”Jaehoon Yang did really well at the Asian Games in the No. 1 stroke, so I sent him to the No. 1 stroke this time, but he was nervous and it took a lot of effort. It was just after the training camp in Australia, so he was not in full condition,” Lee explained. If Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min and Lee Ho-joon can break into the 1:43s and the team’s fourth-ranked swimmer Young-jah can run a steady 1:46, they will be in contention for a world record. The men’s 800-meter freestyle relay world record is 6:58.55, set by the United States at the 2009 Rome World Championships before regulations on the shape and material of swimsuits were put in place. Michael Phelps, the “Emperor of Swimming,” was the No. 1 swimmer.

A conservative estimate would be 6:59.00 even if Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min and Lee Ho-joon ran 1:44.00 and the fourth-ranked swimmer only ran 1:47.00.Even if only one or two of the three “sub-1:43 hopefuls” break 1:43 in Paris, and the rest of the swimmers consistently break 1:46, it would be enough to threaten the U.S. world record. The swim team will look to find the “final piece of the puzzle” at the Olympic Trials in Paris, which begin next month on Aug. 22.The 800-meter freestyle relay will be decided based on the finish of the 200-meter freestyle individual event. Yang Jae-hoon and Lee Yoo-yeon are expected to compete fiercely for the fourth spot, and a new face could emerge to fill it.” We will compete with all the swimmers, not just 토토사이트 Yang Jae-hoon, to find one,” Lee said.


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