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Connecticut bill lays out strict advertising guidelines, some betting on local universities

In May 2021, Connecticut lawmakers legalized digital and retail sports betting, everyday fantasy sports, and online gambling. The latest bill, File 271 (instead of HB 5284), has received little attention, but it follows some emerging industry trends. HB 271 will have strict advertising guidelines similar to Ontario, Maine, and Massachusetts. They are: 무료 슬롯

– Do not use celebrities in advertising;
– Requires the use of 21+ (or, in some cases, 18+) in advertising;
– Ban sports betting ads “where the majority of viewers or participants are estimated to be under the age of 21”;
– Prohibits the use of advertising or marketing through media or social media that may “mainly appeal” to people under the legal age to gamble.

A bill filed in Connecticut earlier this month could change the face of the state’s sports betting and gaming. Proposed by the Public Safety and Security Commission, the bill would limit advertising betting and, in some cases, allow bets on University of Connecticut teams, among other changes.

Are some affiliate transactions risky?
The bill touches on many aspects of legal gambling and also seems to ban the use of certain kinds of affiliate marketing transactions. The bill’s text states that licensees cannot contract with third-party advertisers or marketers who “depend on or are related to the amount of individuals becoming customers, the amount or amount of advertisers, and the outcome of advertisers.”

Massachusetts regulators last year changed the rule to ban revenue-sharing partnership contracts, but allow for “cost-per-action” contracts. When the NCAA called for banning prop bets on college athletes, lawmakers in Connecticut added a phrase to the bill that explicitly bans prop bets on college athletes. However, the bill would open up bets on local college teams.

The current law does not allow bets to be placed on University of Connecticut teams in any case. The UConn Huskies have won consecutive national championships in men’s basketball and are permanent competitors of the women’s team. The latest bill will allow bets to be placed on local university teams in some cases. Every state that borders Connecticut provides online bets to University of Connecticut teams.

Local college bets can be confusing
The bill takes a page from a book in neighboring Massachusetts and will allow bets to college teams at the University of Connecticut playing in tournaments. From the proposed bill:

The “permitted intercollegiate tournament” used in this subsection refers to intercollegiate esports, sports, or sporting events involving four or more intercollegiate teams, including one or more intercollegiate teams, and the tournament’s wages are based on.

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