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“Contract with 7 minutes left…It’s too early to say I’m still a major leaguer.” Ko Woo-seok returned home after signing a high-speed contract for ‘1 night and 4 days.’

Go Woo-suk (San Diego Padres) has returned as a major leaguer. After completing his contract following a medical test in San Diego, the U.S., he returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 early on Sunday morning. As his contract was finally signed after completing the 30-day posting period, he only stayed in the U.S. for three days. After arriving in Korea early in the morning, Go showed his tiredness but expressed his excitement about taking on a new challenge.

During the interview, Ko said, “I am stunned that everything was done in a hurry, but now that I arrive like this, it feels real. I feel good,” adding, “I was worried because I didn’t have time until I signed the contract. The contract was signed just seven minutes before the contract was signed. I thought I would be happy, but I felt relieved.” As for how I felt after receiving the offer from San Diego, he said, “I felt good just to have an offer. The agency explained the conditions well.” 스포츠토토

“I did a lot of things without any break time when I arrived. I can’t believe I’m here. I talked a lot about baseball at the San Diego club. I’ve heard that you’ll help me adjust.” He also told me about his episodes in the U.S. at Petco Park, where he was visiting for a contract, saying that he met, talked to, and took pictures with Yu Darvish. Throughout the 15-minute interview, Ko said, “I am not a major leaguer yet,” lowering himself. He said he would work hard to stay humble until he joins the Major League roster.

The LG Twins, Ko Woo-seok’s former team, which predicted “conditional permission” before posting, approved the transfer on a grand scale for Ko’s dream, despite the terms of the contract falling short of the standard. Ko Woo-seok thanked the club for its decision and confessed that he hesitated to go to the U.S. because there were LG and LG fans.

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