Sunday, 26th May 2024

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D’Amato, Wexler brought the UIGEA battle to Vegas

PPA chairman and chief lobbyist D’Amato urged poker players before the start of the game to write to their senators and congressmen and ask them to repeal illegal internet gambling enforcement laws.

“Why shouldn’t Americans be able to play poker online when they can bet on ponies online?” D’Amato asked, yelling at the cheering crowd, “Try to rob them and deal with them,” before starting Day 1’s display

Later that afternoon, a large field of contenders paused to hear Wexler talk about returning online poker to American players.

“A few months ago, the government made a big mistake,” Wexler said, referring to the passage of illegal Internet gambling enforcement laws. “They stepped into American lives and said they couldn’t play poker.” 온라인경마

“Poker is just as much our hobby as baseball,” Wexler told the crowd. “It’s a game of technology,” Wexler said as the crowd cheered. He then urged players to use their representatives and support his proposed legislation so that Americans can gamble on technology games, including poker.

The crowd roared and approved, and Wexler and D’Amato continued their tour of the WSOP floor.

D’Amato and Wexler also had time with Casino City to discuss abolishing UIGEA and creating skill game UIGEA exceptions for poker.

I’m fighting for a disenfranchised poker player. They lost the right to play internet games. Americans should have the right to play internet games in the same way that they have the right to bet on ponies on the internet. They disenfranchised us. They disenfranchised poor poker players. That’s why I joined this crusade. They made us second class citizens. That’s what made us thieves. That’s what (UIGEA’s) means. We are a nation of fairness.

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