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Detroit Casino Reports $14.9M In August Revenue

Three Detroit casinos (MGM Grand Detroit Casino, Moto City Casino, and Grigtown Hollywood Casino) reported monthly gross sales of $104.9 million for the month of August 2023, of which $104.6 million was generated from table games and slots and $322,186 from retail sports betting.

The market share for August is as follows: 온라인경마

  • MGM Grand Detroit Casino: 47%
  • Motor City Casino: 30%
  • Hollywood Casino at Greek Town: 23%

Table games and slot revenues and taxes
August table games and slot revenue fell 2.0% compared to July 2023 results. Monthly earnings in August were 0.1% higher than in August 2022. From Jan. 1 to Aug. 31, the casino’s table games and slot revenue increased 0.8% year-over-year.

Casino’s monthly game earnings results were mixed compared to August 2022:

  • Grigtown Hollywood Casino, Inc. GREATES 11.7% TO $24.4 MILLION
  • MGM Grand Detroit Casino Down 1.7% To $49.5M
  • Motor City Casino Down 5.0% To $30.7M

Three Detroit casinos paid $8.47 million in taxes to Michigan for the month of August. They paid $8.46 million in the same month last year.

Casinos announced in August that they had submitted $16.5 million in internal taxes and development agreements to the city of Detroit.

Retail Sports Betting Earnings and Taxes
Three Detroit casinos reported total retail sports betting handling of $10 million and total revenue of $327,291.

Retail Sports Betting Qualification Reception (QAGR) fell 80.6% from August 2022. QAGR in August decreased by 32.5% compared to July 2023.

August QAGR by Casino:

  • MGM Grand Detroit Casino: $85,644
  • Motor City Casino: $195,955
  • Hollywood Casino at Greek Town: $40,587

For the month of August, casinos reported a $12,179 gaming tax per state and a $14,885 betting tax to the city of Detroit based on retail sports betting income.
Fantasy contest
In July, Fantasy Contest operators reported total adjusted earnings of $1.2 million and taxes of $101,324.

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