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DPK leadership slammed for influencing Assembly speaker election

A notice at the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea's office at the National Assembly shows candidates for the party's primary for the 22nd Assembly speakership, Tuesday. The red marks indicate candidates Jung Sung-ho and Cho Jeong-sik have dropped out of the running. Yonhap

The election for the speaker of the first half of the upcoming 22nd National Assembly has triggered controversy due to a personal endorsement by main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) Chairman Lee Jae-myung of a particular candidate, which is expected to have a significant influence on the race.Critics argue that it is inappropriate for the speaker, who is expected to maintain neutrality between the ruling and opposition parties, to be influenced by an individual like Lee, and for the DPK to systematically eliminate other candidates.On Thursday, the DPK will hold its primary for the speakership of the 22nd Assembly that will start on May 30. Given that the Assembly traditionally elects a candidate nominated by the largest party as the speaker, this primary is considered to be the de facto final election for the position.

Initially, four hopefuls fielded their bids for the speakership — former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae who will enter her sixth term as a lawmaker, and Reps. Woo Won-shik, Cho Jeong-sik and Jung Sung-ho, who will start their fifth, sixth and fifth term, each. But it became a two-way race between Choo and Woo after the other two withdrew their bids.As Cho and Jung are both considered to be loyalists to the DPK leader, their withdrawal was widely assumed to reflect the party’s intention to support Choo for the speakership.Rep. Cho openly declared his support for Choo, who expressed her gratitude on Facebook, Sunday, by writing, “Cho declared his support for me for the great cause of reforming the Assembly and changing (the country’s) leadership centering on 카지노사이트킹 Chairman Lee.”

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