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Even signs of editing illegal filming videos? …Hwang Ui-jo bans departure, additional confiscation of mobile phones → investigation continues

At a regular press conference on the 22nd, the police said they are analyzing the statements of Hwang Ui-jo and those involved and will consider whether to summon additional people depending on the results. He also explained that the departure ban is usually within a month, saying, “There is a need for further investigation into the ban and Hwang Ui-jo has delayed the investigation.”

In June last year, A, who claims to be Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover, revealed his private life and released illegal filming. While Hwang Ui-jo expressed his unwillingness to punish A, A was found to be Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law, adding to the shock.

Apart from the case of revealing A’s private life, Hwang Ui-jo is under investigation for alleged illegal filming. He was first investigated on Nov. 18 last year and denied the allegation of illegal filming. Hwang Ui-jo refused the police’s second request for attendance on Dec. 27 and the last 5 twice, citing club circumstances, and entered the country on the 10th.

However, Hwang Ui-jo’s side reportedly claimed that the notification of the second summons was not served, adding that his refusal to attend was not true. After Hwang arrived in Korea, police executed search and seizure warrants on his mobile phone and laptop, and seized two more electronic devices. They are separate from the nine generations that conducted forensics earlier. 스포츠토토사이트

Since then, he has been questioned twice as a suspect on the 12th and 15th. The third investigation was completed early on the 16th, and the police banned him from leaving the country. On the 15th, Hwang Ui-jo and his lawyer were additionally booked on charges of violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act.

According to Article 24 of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, if the victim is disclosed without the consent of the victim, he or she will be sentenced to up to three years in prison or fined up to 30 million won. In November last year, Hwang Ui-jo denied allegations of illegal filming and disclosed his personal information to the victim, saying, “He is a public figure who is active in broadcasting and has even been married.”

This caused additional damage, including the name of a celebrity derived from his personal information as well as his ex-girlfriend in the search word related to Hwang Ui-jo. On Thursday, Hwang Ui-jo submitted an application to evade investigators. The report said that the suspension of his rental contract with Norwich City ended early after the suspect was announced, and property damage of at least 300 million won was confirmed due to suspension of weekly payment and fines.

Hwang Ui-jo’s side is protesting the move, calling it an “excessive investigation,” saying, “Despite cooperating with the investigation, Hwang was banned from leaving the country.” Due to this incident, Hwang was excluded from the selection of the national team and thus could not participate in the Asian Cup.

Hwang Ui-jo, who switched his Instagram account to private after switching to illegal filming suspect, eventually deleted the account. While forensics was also underway for additional confiscated electronic devices on the 10th, according to a report by the Seoul Shimbun on the 22nd, the victim’s lawyer said he found out that Hwang Ui-jo had at least five videos illegally filmed.

In addition, the victim said that the original should be found to prevent further dissemination and secondary harm, as there are traces of editing from many illegal filming. Hwang Ui-jo’s side still insists that it was not filmed illegally, but the victim insisted that there were videos that did not even know about the shooting as well as expressing his intention to refuse to film it. With the police saying they are considering a fourth summons for Hwang Ui-jo, the results of the investigation are drawing keen attention.


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