Wednesday, 24th April 2024

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Everest Falker Acquires WSOP Felt And Satellite Rights

Everest Falker signed a major contract at the World Series of Falkers in Las Vegas that includes satellite rights and branding arrangements for all table top felt, and for the first time, signed the inner ring of the WSOP feature table. Last year, WSOP’s total prize money topped $159,796,918, with more than 54,000 player registrations and a net prize of $59,784,954 for the main event.

With this new contract, the brand of Everest Poker is estimated to be around 200 million people worldwide. In addition, the new alliance allows Everest Poker to offer its vast majority of European players more opportunities to play at WSOP events in Las Vegas.

With official satellite rights, Everest Poker will offer European Poker fans the chance to win seats and compete for the single biggest prize in international sports. Players can also choose the event they want to attend, a feature designed to appeal to both professionals and amateurs. 사설 토토사이트

Jennifer Joyce, vice president of marketing for Everest Poker, said: “We’re thrilled that this deal will enable European players to take advantage of their opportunity to access the WSOP to provide them with the best chance to compete and win the WSOP competition in Las Vegas. We’ve always tried to make poker accessible to everyone, not just a handful of elites. WSOP is a true global standard for poker, giving professionals a historic opportunity and amateur players a chance to live up to their dreams against legends. Our goal is to see a European player win the main event.”

Ty Stewart, director of World Series of Poker marketing, sponsorship, and licensing, said, “We’re excited to bring Everest Poker to the World Series of Poker family. With this deal, Everest Poker is now literally at the center of the poker world. By being at every table, their brand will connect with every historical moment of WSOP. This partnership further showcases the globalization of poker and the industry behind it.

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