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Evra, you’re going to shoot Park Ji-sung? Walkle flex

In the new reality road variety show “Man in Europe,” co-produced by STUDIO X+U and Shoot For Love, Evra will show a big flex that he will shoot a car at Park Ji-sung.

“Man in Europe,” which will be released at midnight on U+ Mobile TV and 7:50 p.m. on Channel A on Thursday, will feature a meeting between Park Ji-sung & Evra, the Manchester United legend. Park Ji-sung chose Evra, his best friend currently living in Denmark, as a member of the project to revive his juniors’ spirits. Then, he went to Evra’s house with C Jamm-cheol and Babamba from Shoot for Love.

On his way there, C-Jamchul said, “I had a ‘Clay Shooting Challenge’ with Evra 10 months ago in the Middle East on a very hot day,” promising Evra would remember him as he filmed YouTube. Evra, who failed in the ‘Clay Shooting Challenge’ where he hit a clay flying to a soccer ball, made a pledge on YouTube, saying, “If anyone succeeds, I will buy you a car.” Park Ji-sung, who succeeded in the same mission two years ago, shrugged his shoulders, saying, “He has to buy me a car.” 안전 토토사이트

When he met Evra after arriving at Evra’s house, Park brought up the “Clay Shooting Challenge” and made a bombshell remark to Evra, saying, “You have to buy me a car.” Evra tried to calm the situation by embracing Park with a smile full of gums, but Park didn’t back down, saying, “You did decide to buy me a car.” Eventually, Evra disappeared, saying, “I’ll give you a car. Wait a minute,” and C Jaem-cheol was surprised by Evra’s flex. The identity of the car that Evra prepared for his best friend Park Ji-sung and his first meeting with his daughter will be revealed in “Man in Europe.”

Meanwhile, in “Men in Europe,” Cho Kyu-sung X will hold a “first half event” where he can receive autographed uniforms of Han Beom X Oh Hyun-kyu X Yang Hyuk-joon X Kwon Hyuk-kyu. Participation in the event will be completed by watching the “Men in Europe” live show until the 30th, leaving comments on the event video, and filling out and submitting the event form.

“Man in Europe,” a full-fledged Wolkle junior assist project that features Park Ji-sung and his best friend Evra gathering for the first time in 10 years to empower junior European Korean leaguers, will be unveiled for the first time on U+ Mobile TV at 0 o’clock on Wednesday 10th and Channel A at 7:50 p.m. on Saturday 13th.

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