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Fontainebleau Las Vegas Announces Restaurant and Bar Collection

Fontainebleau Las Vegas is a globally anticipated luxury resort and casino revived by Fontainebleau Development, which will reconstruct the culinary landscape of Streep. Opening on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023, pending regulatory approval, the resort will debut with a global collection of 36 first-market restaurants and bars that will continue throughout 2024. Following in the footsteps of Fontainebleau Miami Beach, a decades-long leader and trendsetter in luxury hospitality, Fontainebleau Las Vegas brings acclaimed chefs and restaurant owners to the resort with several Fontainebleau original concepts, including Chef Gabriella Kamara, restaurateur David Grootman, restaurateur David Rodolitz, restaurateur Alan Yau, Chef Evan Funky, and Josh Carphone. 슬롯머신

“Our cooking program is a fusion of tradition and innovation, pushing boundaries for guests with adventurous, unforgettable eating needs,” says Brett Mufson, president of Fontainebleau Development. “This restaurant collection is similar to a symphony. Each concept plays a role in a concert that guests experience every day with 1,440 minutes of exceptional eating and liberation.

“I want to make sure that every moment and subject, from elevated to exceptional to high-octane to cold, harmonizes seamlessly with their desires and tastes.”

“The Fontainebleau Las Vegas Food and Beverage Team boasts an incredible selection of industry veterans who are constantly striving to bring together experiences that Las Vegas has never seen before,” added Brian O’Shields, vice president of food and beverage. “Together, we were able to combine many of Fontainebleau’s most well-known partners with some of the most culture-defining restaurants from around the world, bringing Fontainebleau Las Vegas’ vision for best-in-class food and drink programs to life.”

With a focus on creativity and unexpected dining experiences, Fontainebleau Las Vegas will debut at Strip, bringing together industry-leading restaurants from the United States, Mexico, and beyond. This dining collection lists new iterations of existing hotspots and original concepts from Fontainebleau Las Vegas, including:

  • Cafe Couto: A modern reinterpretation of Europe’s classic coffee bar, Cafe Couto will blend the charm of the old world with modern sophistication. This luxury coffee shop will invite guests to taste professional coffee and mingle with knowledgeable baristas in a warm and attractive atmosphere. Guests can combine fine spirits with a variety of pastries and sandwiches for takeout, or enjoy an intimate coffee tasting experience.
  • Ches Born: Starting the day lively and cheerful, Ches Born will celebrate the little pleasures of life in French style, offering convenient “grab and go” options such as freshly baked pastry, delightful handmade snacks, sandwiches and wraps. The intimate, airy design, supplemented with classical patisserie-inspired details, invites guests to browse and enjoy, while the frenetic French pop music creates an uplifting atmosphere. Made from top-notch espresso machines and crepe stations, the signature coffee blend will add French inspiration and food theater vibes to this delightful grab-and-go patisserie.
  • Chyna Club: From the creative mind of Alan Yau, founder of Hakkasan and Wagamama, Chyna Club comes and serves a variety of Chinese dishes. Set in a cozy, club-like atmosphere, the Chyna Club will take guests on a journey for the senses in an environment designed to inspire and wonder.
  • Opened in 2024, Cantina Contramar is the first in the United States to be joined by three of the most recognized and famous women in the Mexican culinary and creative community, Chef Gabriela Cámara, award-winning architect Frida Escobedo, and Tequila Casa Dragones founder and first-ever Maestra Tequila González Nieves. Cantina Contramar’s menu embodies Chef Kamara’s 25 years of experience in providing unparalleled food, drinks, and atmosphere to domestic and international guests, and will serve Kamara’s signature seafood dishes, where excellence is found in simplicity, with new items showcasing a wide range of Mexican cuisine and quality. Cantina Contramar will include the Casa Dragones Tasting Room within the restaurant. Every moment, every bite, every sip, guests can enjoy authentic Mexican experiences and a familiar service culture that celebrates every meal.
  • Dons Prime: Fontainebleau Las Vegas’ original stylish, gently lit steakhouse will evoke mid-century glamour. Taking inspiration from Fontainebleau’s legacy and the elegant restaurants of the 1950s, Dons Prime features classic with twists, trolley carts and table-side services that excite you with cooking in a highly sophisticated atmosphere. The restaurant will boast a Prime Steak program that includes an exclusive partnership with an exclusive U.S. beef program, as well as hand-selected Japanese and American wagyu. With its extensive collection of prestigious wine labels to wrap up the experience, Dons Prime will be perfect for intimate and celebratory meals.
  • Ito: Led by chefs Martha Ito and Kevin Kim, this stylish omakase restaurant will offer an original take on traditional sushi in an awe-inspiring setting on the 63rd floor of Fontainebleau Las Vegas. The restaurant features 12 seats and strips and extensive views of the surrounding city.

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