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Games reveal Grim Reaper Super Match

I nailed it! Games is an independent Krakow-based gaming studio that gives players early access to its new slot, the Grim Reaper Supermatch, and is launching exclusively with some operators before its global debut. 슬롯머신

Featuring innovative Supermatch mechanics, the vendor’s second release includes 10 features to transform gameplay and provide a big winning chance.

During the rotation, the player displays five Halloween-themed symbols on the bottom line. Landing more than one matching symbol unlocks the next line, raising a total of six lines.

Between 2 and 8 blue souls appear on the game grid and are collected in the soulcatcher chest as symbols for each spin. Filling the chest unlocks the Soulcatcher bonus, triggering a spin with a special symbol that can give you a 5,000x win in the bet.

When you reach the third row, the half bonus is activated, triggering one of five features that you can breathe in unwinned rows, convert all unwinned symbols into winning symbols, upgrade to higher payment symbols, apply double multipliers, or add to your soulcatcher chest.

When the player reaches the sixth and final line, the Mega Respin feature is activated. Here, all the matching symbols are sticky and the rest become respins, increasing the chance of winning the championship to a height that increases in hair.

Bonus spin bonus rounds can also be unlocked when landing three or more scattering on one spin. During this bonus, Blue Souls will be red and added to the Bonus Spin Soul collection for a chance to land an extra bonus game and remove the lowest paid symbol from the grid.

The Grim Reaper Super Match is the latest release from the nailed games. It follows recent titles Rainbow Burst and Dog Days, and is based on the revolutionary Super Match Mechanic we saw earlier in the Rome Super Match launch earlier this year.

“We’ve been working hard for our next Super Match title and we’re delighted to be live-streaming the Grim Reaper Super Match with select operators just in time for Halloween!” he nailed! Games co-founder Pawel Piotrowski said.

“This new title builds on our cutting-edge technicians with bonus features and brilliant new gameplay experiences that bring players many wins they’ve never experienced before. If you are brave enough to try, we can’t wait to see the reaction!”

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