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Georgetown City Council Finalizes Casino Boat Ban

Georgetown City Council confirmed local opposition to casino boats after passing a second and final reading on a total ban on casino boats.

An ordinance banning the ships was unanimously passed Thursday night after several Georgetown residents and at least two local pastors asked Congress to consider the problems and crimes that could come with them.

Congress was divided on the issue last month but ultimately agreed that the ships would not help Georgetown.
Residents speaking in the public comment section said gambling boats would bring a ‘boring’ image to Georgetown. 메이저 토토사이트

“The casino boat industry wants to bring us down while we’re getting rich,” said Georgetown resident Bud Black, “and I ask you to vote unanimously to ban casino boats from our oceans and our lives.”
Georgetown already has zoning ordinances prohibiting boats from boarding anywhere in the city.
A recent general meeting passed a law that would allow counties and municipalities to ban ships altogether.

Georgetown County, which has been sued over casino boat bans, still adjusts the last language of the county’s new ordinance to ban boats.

“What I’ve observed is where gambling is rampant and crime is rampant,” said the Rev. Phil Traill, pastor of Duncan Methodist Church in Georgetown. “When you go to convenience stores, you don’t find rich people buying lottery tickets.

“They believe that hard work and something other than education can develop them. With the bright future our town has, we don’t want to return to any sleazy image of our community.”

Brad Morris, pastor of God’s first rally, also spoke out against gambling lines.

Both Morris and Thrailkill said gambling is a moral issue.

“Just because something is legal does not mean it is desirable or right,” Morris said. “This is not desirable for our city.”

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