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“Goodbye! Dyer”…He leaves without saying goodbye to Son, “Tottenham + Munich + individual all agree, final decision within a few hours!”

Dyer moved to Tottenham in 2014 and played for 10 seasons until this season. He played as Tottenham’s leading center back until last season, but his position has declined dramatically since Enze Postecoglou’s arrival.

Early in the season, Dyer was treated as if he was out of his best condition, and although he played due to injuries or suspensions of key center backs, he failed to prove his competitiveness. He displayed the worst performance in every game. Dyer has played only four games this season. 안전놀이터 추천

Having completely lost the trust of Postecoglou, Dyer is certain to move to the post in the winter transfer window in January. And in fact, he has been confirmed. It is Bayern Munich. Where Harry Kane has been with Tottenham for a long time, he can become Kim Min-jae’s new center back partner.

“Dear is one of the center-back options Bayern Munich is considering, and discussions have already been held since last summer. Tottenham opened the door for Dyer to leave, and Bayern Munich will make a decision within a few days,” said transfer expert Fabricio Romano.

Local media also reported that Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel and Dyer had direct talks. Against this backdrop, Germany’s Sky Deutschland hit the bull’s-eye. “Tottenham has lost Dyer’s transfer to Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich is signing Dyer,” the media reported.

“With Dyer’s contract with Tottenham nearing the end, Bayern Munich have decided to sign Dyer. Tottenham accepted Bayern Munich’s offer of £5 million (W8.4 billion). Dyer has also agreed on personal terms and conditions,” he added. “Dyer will first join Bayern Munich by signing a contract until 2025. The final agreement is only a few hours away.”

Dyer’s transfer seems to be virtually confirmed. Son and Dyer will likely leave without being able to say goodbye to each other after spending a long time together at Tottenham. Son spent nine seasons together at Tottenham. He is currently the longest-serving teammate in Tottenham. Son is currently playing for the Korean national team to participate in the Asian Cup of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). As Dyer leaves, the glory and memories he shared with Son will disappear into history.

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