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Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam, a ‘training mecca,’ becomes a sports-centric town

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Goseong-gun, Gyeongnam, is emerging as a sports-centered city by attracting various sports competitions from winter and summer training to national championships. Goseong-gun announced on the 19th that 2,249 teams and 33,951 athletes visited the county last year, ranking first in Gyeongnam for attracting sports teams. Namhae-gun followed with 965 teams and 19,515 athletes, followed by Changwon-si (2,225 teams and 18,248 athletes), Changnyeong-gun (663 teams and 11,662 athletes) and Hadong-gun (109 teams and 17,884 athletes).Starting with 55 days of winter training last year, the county held various selection, elite, and daily sports competitions for 302 days, including 140 days of national competitions, 53 days of provincial competitions, and 34 days of summer training. This year, Goseong-gun is also expected to become a sports-centered city.

The county has been allocated venues for three sports (handball, weightlifting, and water skiing) at the National Sports Games to be held in Gimhae from October 11 to 17, the most after Gimhae, Changwon, Jinju, and Yangsan. This is the most of any county unit in the province. This year’s winter training is also expected to attract more than 3,400 athletes from 168 teams in seven sports, including soccer, taekwondo, and volleyball. The county estimates that attracting these sports teams will have a ripple effect on the local economy of about 3.2 billion won. Goseong-gun’s popularity as a destination for national competitions and training camps is due to its mild climate even in winter and well-equipped sports facilities.

In particular, the county has seven soccer fields with night lighting facilities, a dedicated weightlifting stadium in Goseong-gun, three dedicated stadiums for each sport, and the National Sports Center. In addition, a social baseball field is scheduled to be completed in April and an indoor baseball practice field in December. The military is offering the training teams reduced fees for using public sports facilities, medical support, transportation services such as buses, and free admission to local tourist attractions to encourage them to return.” Attracting various sports competitions and training camps helps revitalize the local economy,” said Goseong-gun Mayor Lee Sang-geun. “We will continue to attract efficient competitions through active 온라인카지노 sports marketing.”

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