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Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is ready to release its financial results for the most recent quarter of fiscal 2020

Canada’s casino leader is ready to unveil his day-to-day operations in recent months, highlighting everything he has achieved over the summer. It was an important period because it witnessed gambling returning from land-based casinos and gambling houses. You can remember witnessing the closure of these places during the month of March.

On the last day of September, casinos reopened in Ontario and New Brunswick, allowing local players to explore and do everything they could in a safe way. That’s where all the health and safety protocols needed to reassure customers are pre-existing and introduced.

Great Canadian Gaming Closes Casino Within Weeks Of Re-launch
Casinos officially resumed in both provinces on September 28, and direct gambling resumed in Nova Scotia on October 5. The move has brought much-needed support to casino operators who have left without operating casino locations for months. This Is What Great Canadian Gaming Depends On, And It Becomes A Critical Action In The Right Direction. NET LOSS FROM CONTINUOUS OPERATIONS BY SHAREHOLDERS HAS AMOUNTED TO CA$36.5 MILLION.

Great Canadian Game Casino Reopens In Ontario
It should be noted that net income from continued operations, amounting to about C$49.7 million in the third quarter of the previous fiscal year, did not gamble directly in the third quarter, resulting in negative free cash flows. This amount amounted to about C$54.8 million. However, this amount has improved compared to the second quarter of this fiscal year. 온라인카지노사이트

direct gambling
Negative free cash flow of C$123.4 million occurred in the weeks from the beginning of April to the end of June. Great Canadian Gaming also detailed the cash outflows that occurred during the third quarter of this fiscal year. It reached about $26.3 million. In this case, there is a positive change compared to the fiscal year 2019.

Great Canadian Gaming Launches Ontario Casino Financial Benefits
At that time, the cash outflow amounted to about C$97.8 million. Casino Leaders CEO Rod Baker said some casino branches were safely reopened in the most recent quarter, despite constantly changing conditions at the national level. The direction of local governments and local health authorities will continue. Game revenue remains limited despite casino reopening earlier this fall.


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