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Gu Ai-ling, ‘Eating to the U.S. after Acquiring Chinese Nationality’, $20 million in 2023… 3rd place in the world as a 女 player

The U.S. sports business magazine “Spotico” on Wednesday selected and announced the top 10 female athletes who earned the most in 2023. Seven out of 10 were tennis players.

Coco Goff of the U.S. topped the list with 22.7 million dollars, followed by Iga Sibiontech of Poland with 21.9 million dollars. Next-generation tennis empress Emma Raducanu of Canada is ranked fourth with 16.2 million dollars.

The third-place winner is Ku Ai-ring, who has emerged as the “Lover of the Continent” at the Beijing Winter Olympics. She reportedly earned 20 million dollars in 2023 alone. Other athletes earn the combined prize money and sponsorship money. However, Ku earned 20 million dollars from advertising revenue alone. She is on temporary leave of absence as she focuses on her studies at Stanford University. 바카라사이트

Guai Ling was a member of the U.S. youth team, but she became a naturalized citizen in China in 2019 and became a huge controversy. The U.S.-China relationship was frozen. The U.S. Olympic Council criticized her, comparing her to a villain. China, on the other hand, used Guai Ling in its diplomatic war with the U.S. In an instant, she became a “people’s hero.”

Ku won two gold medals and one silver in freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics, emerging as a “star of China.” With her beautiful appearance and skills, she quickly became the woman that Chinese people want to resemble the most.

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Guai Ling earned more than 120 billion won from a total of 25 advertising contracts with Chinese companies and global companies such as Anta and the Bank of China.

However, Guai Ling returned to the U.S. right after the Olympics and became the main character of the controversy over her eating and eating. While studying at Stanford University, she stopped by China for a commercial shoot in 10 months, sparking controversy.

Even when Ku won the Olympic gold medal, Chinese media praised her, saying, “She won the gold medal out of patriotism for China. She was educated in the Chinese way from an early age.”

However, public opinion turned cold when Gu Ai-ling actually lived in the U.S. and only made profits in China as a “pattern-only Chinese.” On Gu Ai-ling’s SNS, Chinese fans are posting malicious comments such as “Get out of China” and “Did you come to China to make money?”


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